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U2 Continental Arena Riview 10/28

Posted: 10/31/01 at 12:52:55 AM
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After hitting Gadv for a few hours, I headed up the turnpike to the Medowlands. Got to the venue at 7. I had upper deck seats, which gives a good view of the entire heart shaped stage, but doesn't give you the expierence of being in the GA floor, but just being in the same building with U2 is a cool experience. The opening band was the Stereophonics. Kinda reminded me of oasis, although not as whiny. U2 was supposed to go on at 8:30, but at 8:45, still no sight of them. FInally the pre music starts at around 8:50, everyone is standing unlike in philly where most people sat the entire concert. Band comes out with the house lights still on (as they have been doing all tour). Bono comes to the mic and kneels and does the sign of the cross (catholic thing). I have never heard of or seen anything like that, just amazed me. Then they launch into elevation, mid way through the song shutting out the lights. Next up is Beautiful day, then Until the end of the world, where bono is once again defeated by Edges Guitar playing. Then they do three classics in a row, New Years Day, I will Follow, and Sunday Bloody Sunday. During Stuck in a Moment, bono brings up a male fan who has the Joshua Tree logo and lyrics to some song tattooed on his back. They do Kite which is dedicated to anyone that has lost someone recently. Next up is a very loud electic version of angel of harlem followed by All I want is you. Before doing a very stripped down Please, Bono makes several knocks at Bin Laden saying it is espcially pathetic when the terrorist comes from a middle class or better type back round. After please they do the ever popular WHere the Streets have no name, and then pride, which features a video of Dr Martin Luther King. Followed by I still haven't found what I am looking for. They leave the stage for a few minutes, coming back on they go into the very heavy Bullet the Blue Sky, then Whats Going On and New York from thier current CD, changing the words some in it. Once again they leave the stage for a few. Coming on for one last time they do One, which on the video screens they display the names of everyone killed in the 4 planes, all the NYFD and NYPD from the attacks. Bono at this point is wearing a NYFD shirt from one of the vicims and a NYFD helmet or hat. They close out the show with Walk On from the current CD.
A very emotional concert. The set list was really based around the Tragedies that occured in NY and america. It was a shame not to hear some of my favorites like With or Without you and even better than the real thing, or The Fly but I understand that they just wouldn't fit in at this time. Great Show and I can't wait to see them friday night for the last time this tour.