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I don't get Survivor

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 10/30/01 at 4:39:57 PM
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To me this show stinks. And finally others are losing interest as well.

Hate Survivor? You're not alone. by gracie_0801 at 10/30/01 8:32:49 PM

Personally, I've seen one episode of Survivor, and I thought it was dumb. I got my fill of the so-called reality-based show about four years ago on the Real World on MTV. It was cool when I was younger, now it's just pathetic. I think it's a bunch of people (mostly "beautiful people") encouraged to not care about anyone but themselves. I don't want people to treat me like that, nor do I think that attitude is healthy. If selfishness is a reflection of reality, then I want out (that's a joke).

I watch Whose Line is it Anyway because at least its SUPPOSED to be funny.


NO reality show reached the true greatness of 'Real World II'.... by CoastaPlaya at 10/30/01 10:09:01 PM

....where they cursed each other out in private and public for about six weeks straight, then spontaneously ejected one member into the streets.

It had never, ever been done before--even considered before--but it just kinda happened. Think about all the contrived knockoffs spun off from that single shining momemt.

Now THAT was some teevee! Weeeeehaaw!


Re: I don't get Survivor by Pantera Psycho at 10/31/01 2:58:29 AM

I never did really care for it either. My dad's obsessed with it, but I really don't think that it's all that great. I mean, it's interesting to see who gets kicked off, but the thing is that the rest of the show is just terrible and boring, and it's not too rare to see people falling into their own stereotypes (gender wise), so it's actually kinda degrading too.

Re: Hate Survivor? You're not alone. by Eric P at 11/1/01 1:10:17 AM

Whose line is it anyways???? Yeah, it's supposed to be funny. But Alas, if you get Comedy Central and watch the british version, it really is! Comic mastery. Funniest stuff on Tv. (unless that was what you were talking about earlier)

Eric P