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Pantera Psycho
Posted: 10/28/01 at 8:15:12 PM
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Even though I'm a 49ers fan, I wanted the Bears to win today, and man, what a game that was. Did anyone see it? Da Bears are for real now. What is that, 5 wins in a row? I just had a great time waking up in time for the last few minutes of the third quarter thinking the Bears didn't have a chance then seeing a finish like they had, it was amazing. Who else here is a Bears fan and is happy to see them doing so good?

Re: BEARS!!! by Chisox2k1 at 10/29/01 7:38:13 PM

I'm a Bears fan! Great win, or dare I say lucky win. It was an amazing game though and a storybook ending. I thought it was over after the interception in the red zone for a touchdown for the 49ers. But a nice comeback. Lets beat the Browns next week! Go Bears 5-1!


Re: BEARS!!! by BReNt at 10/29/01 8:28:55 PM

Oh Yeah!!What a lucky time to be a Bears fan. This IS the year of the Bears. I made jokes about them going to the playoffs earlier, and it might be a reality. Im definately hitting some Bears games this year.


WHAT A GAME!!! by Pantera Psycho at 11/4/01 8:06:10 PM

Just thought instead of making another Bears thread, I'd just reply to my old by saying what a game that was. Cleveland will be going to the playoffs this year, you can bet your money on that, but the Bears find a way to pull it off with an amazing comeback. 6-1 now, just a few more wins and they'll almost be guaranteed to make the playoffs, and we aren't even halfway through the year. I'm predicting them to finish around 12-4 this year (looked over their schedule and picked every win I thought was pretty assured), so they'll probably finish around there. Are there any doubters still out there?

BTW, thank God for Mike Brown!