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My thoughts on this past year and so...

Posted: 10/25/01 at 8:43:20 PM
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Well, I'd thought I'd share my thoughts in certain categories:

The Good:
Joining ACE
Getting my license
Meeting several new coaster friends
Stark Raven Mad
Better computer technology
Bush/Cheney elected
Seeing Styx for the first time
Having been to college, surviving freshman year
New car
Starting to go to church
Great high school teams (yeah Elder!!)
Bengals' strong start

The Bad:
My college expenses
Racial controversy in Cincinnati
Losing touch with high school and college friends
Car troubles
Market Square Arena Implosion
The glitches that come with computers

The Terrible:
Panic attacks, causing me to leave my job and pushing me even deeper into debt
Loss of Cincinnati's clean, conservative reputation because of a group of thugs
World Trade Center leveled, by 2 planes, killing over 5,000
Other senseless attacks on our nation

Anyone have their thoughts on the past year so far?

Thomas Allen
Cincinnati, Ohio

Re: My thoughts on this past year and so... by Etaylor at 10/25/01 10:40:56 PM

I wish I were you. You seem to have lots of excitement going on for you right now. Not that I'm old, but I wish I were younger.


The Great:
I got engaged
I went to my first enthusiast event.

The Good:
I quit my job
The Gorillaz
Went to New Orleans-1st time
Ravens won the superbowl

The Bad:
My fiance got laid off from his job
My house got hit by lightening

The Horrible:
Terrorist attacks

Other than my engagement life is not too eventful for me.


Re: My thoughts on this past year and so... by allenki72 at 10/27/01 7:53:33 PM


Thank you for your reply. While we both agree that the worst thing to happen to us were the terrorist attacks on our great country, I am hoping my health and financial situation will get better sooner or later. Things may start to get worse overall, but hang in there, and the best of times may follow for us all.