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computer question

Indiana Jones
Posted: 10/25/01 at 12:18:11 PM
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Why dont web sites fit on my monitor?
I have a 15" monitor and websites like
URC don't fit and I have to scroll side
ways to read the message boards.

Is there a way I can adjust my computer
to show the whole page instead of horizontal
Is the web page designed for 17" monitors?

Any help for this computer novice would be appreciated


Re: computer question by Etaylor at 10/25/01 5:36:54 PM

Increase the resolution of your desktop.

Go to your start menu, then settings, then control panel, then select display. Choose the settings tab and the adjust the screen area slider. This is all assuming you're running windows. I hope this helps.


Re: computer question by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/28/01 4:25:55 AM

The majority of the computer users have their screen resolution set to 800x600 or higher (many have 1024x768). The URC is designed for monitors set at 800x600. For a long time I used to design for 640x480, but now with most users running at 800x600 or higher I design for that resolution.

Another post in this thread tells you how to change it.