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D-backs or Yankees???

Johnny Mnemonic
Posted: 10/24/01 at 12:54:43 PM
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Your prediction, your choice...

Who will win: D-backs
With Schilling and Johnson going back to back, Yanks will find themselves down 2-0 once again, this time not to recover.

Who should win: New York
It would be a win for the great city, what a great end to such a trgic story. I'm sick to death of the team, never the city.

Re: D-backs or Yankees??? by Pantera Psycho at 10/25/01 1:37:37 AM

Dbacks will and should win. The Yankees just buy their championships, more so than the Dbacks at least. The Yankees have had their share of championships, so it's time they passed the torch.

D-Backs!! by Zimm at 10/25/01 2:49:39 PM

I would like to see the D-Backs win. I understand that it would be nice for N.Y. for the Yankees to win, but I'm tired of the team. They've won 3 in a row and its time for some new faces. I don't like how they pay for the championships since there is no salary cap in baseball. I think it will be a good series though. I hope it goes 6 or 7 games since that will be the last baseball until April/May of next year.


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Re: D-backs or Yankees??? by dale caskey at 10/27/01 11:26:23 AM

The Diamondbacks will win with pitching. I know that the Yanks are a sentimental favorite for many this year, but being the true Dynasty team of baseball, I tend to cheer for whoever their up against to win. Cheering for the underdog. I'll never forget my joy as a 13 year old when the BIG RED MACHINE swept the BOYS FROM THE BRONZ 4 games to zip. OH where have you gone, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Dave Conception, Tony Perez etc....


Re: D-backs or Yankees??? by Kayenta Coaster at 10/29/01 2:11:01 PM

Being from Arizona, I really want the D-backs to win, but I think the Yankees will win. The Yankees already have enough wins, they need to give someone else a chance, and I really want to see the D-backs take it!

Mark Grace is finally where he belongs! by gracie_0801 at 10/30/01 8:50:44 PM

I guess you can tell who I'm cheering for.

I don't care for New York teams, though I feel it would be a nice thing for New York if the Yanks won consider what that city has been through. But the World Series is separate from international terrorist activities, so that really is irrelevant.

I was born a Cubs fan, and realized it when I fell madly in love with Mark Grace when I was 12. Thanks to him, I began a life long love for baseball. So, my favorite baseball player (someone who I have felt has always been very underrated) is finally where he has been trying to get to his whole career. Granted, it had to take an insanely stupid move by the Cubs management, but thank goodness for him that they got rid of him.

I'm a Cubs fan for life, but I'm a Gracie fan first. Go D-Backs!

Seeta/Gracie (and now you know where the nickname comes from)