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Halloween Costumes?

Posted: 10/24/01 at 12:17:11 AM
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I've never come up with anything creative, so I'm really happy about my costume this year.

I'm going as a beauty pageant winner who makes the mistake of going backstage after she wins. I've got the tiara and even the sash! I've also got the face make up to simulate scratches on my face and arms, I'm buying a dress that I can rip up, and as a side joke, my sash says, "Miss Mediocre."

I'm also thinking about buying pantyhose and ripping up the legs, maybe messing up my hair a little. If I didn't love all of my shoes, I'd break off one of the heels.

I love Halloween this year.

Anyone else?


Re: Halloween Costumes? by Coasternut at 10/25/01 6:40:34 PM

I love Halloween too.If you can, take a picture and post it so we all can see how funny you look.I always try to be something scary so I can scare the kids in my neighborhood.Whats Halloween if you don`t make atleast 1 kid cry?lol.I may be 38 but on Halloween I`m 8 again.