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Kinda coaster related . . . kinda not

Posted: 10/23/01 at 11:51:57 PM
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Every time I watch the vids on Six Flags' sites for the different coasters (X, Deja Vu, V2, etc.), I find myself drooling over not just the coasters, but the music.

Now I know the music for V2 was "Porcelain" by Moby, but how about the one's for X and Deja Vu? I even tried looking on Google for the lyrics I thought I was hearing, but I didn't find anything.

Does anyone recognize these songs? Do you know the names, or how I can find out? I'm a big fan of techno and trance, and I'd love to pick these up on MP3, er, ah, on CD. >:)



Re: Kinda coaster related . . . kinda not by allenki72 at 10/25/01 8:20:01 PM

The music to SFMM's X is Agnelli & Nelson's "El Nino" Matt Darey Mix.
Robin Fox's "I See Stars" is the music used for Deja Vu.

Hope this helped; I recommend using audiogalaxy.

Re: Kinda coaster related . . . kinda not by gracie_0801 at 10/30/01 8:53:45 PM

Thanks so much! I'm two mp3s richer.

As for the suggestion for audiogalaxy, I would love to use it because so many people recommend it to me, but I have a Mac, and they don't support Mac. Thanks for the sug though.