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Top 5 Music Albums

Andy Simpson
Posted: 10/22/01 at 8:40:46 PM
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What's your favourite top 5 music albums? Mine must be the following (in no order)...

OK Computer - By Radiohead
This is totally mandatory for me, I love Radiohead and OK Computer is such a great album although with a lot of texture and not as smooth and varied as Kid A it is still fabulous and also a music fan's album. This is what made RH and a great follow up from The Bends with a whole album of Street Spirit attitude. One of the greatest albums of all time.

Best Tracks: Paranoid Android, Let Down, Karma Police, Climbing Up The Walls, No Surprises

Urban Hymns - By The Verve
Although I'm a great fan of Radiohead (as you've probably gathered) I think that this is my favourite album. Just the content of it and it's emotional feel is such hard hitting and it's packed with songs that just give you that feeling down the back of your neck just like REM's Losing My Religion. The Verve could have been something great and in a way I'm gald they wern't taken over by this awful fighting image which Oasis were naturally patoning onto them with being slightly influenced by the band.

Best Tracks: Sonnett, The Drugs Don't Work, Weeping Willow, Lucky Man

Showbiz - By Muse
Still better than Origin of Symmetry and just maintains pure quality for a debeut album which was unthinkable for listeners and frankly Muse at the time, they needed to produce and in good time... they did. The great Matt Bellamy's mix with classical piano melodies with rock is outstanding making a great blend from the simple Sunburn to the end section of Cave. You must ask this question... how can such a small person make so much noise?

Best Tracks: Sunburn, Fillip, Falling Down, Cave, Unintended

Feeling Strangly Fine - By Semisonic
For one this album brings back good memories but also every song is just a pure treat, very happy and just full of life which is a rarity to be honest for a whole album to be like that. Semisonic will never redo FSF and to be honest I don't want them to as it's unique and should be keep that way, back in the past to be looked on as their peak (this is the album which I'll be listening to tonight).

Best Tracks: Secret Smile, DND, California

Parachutes - By Coldplay
Nuff said, this has achieved so much and deserves it. The only thing they can do from making this album is better but at the moment you wouldn't think that a band could produce an album better than Parachutes. It's one of these albums that you don't realise what you've missed until you hear that first riff in Don't Panic. Again, brings back great memories with Chris Martin strolling along a rainy coastline.

Best Tracks: Shiver, Yellow, Trouble, High Speed

So, there's my top 5 and of course there's others which I love but these are probably my top 5... I think, but what about Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here... or REM's Automatic for the People... or Doves' Lost Souls... arrrghhh!!! Help?


One Click

Re: Top 5 Music Albums by Etaylor at 10/23/01 7:10:18 PM

Mine are:

Gorillaz (self titled)
I'm completely addicted! Damon Albarn's side project really hits the spot for me. It's different and fresh, and something for everyone.

Radiohead - OK Computer
I have to agree with you here. This is a great album. I can listen to it a thousand times and I will never get sick of it.

the Bloodhound Gang - One Fierce Beer Coaster
Although I find this band completely repulsive, they make me laugh. The singer is amazing.

Bob Marley - Legend

U2 - Live (Under a Blood Red Sky)
I know it's a live album, but all my favorites are here. It's been my absolute favorite album for years.

Yes, there are many more, but if I had to choose I think this would be it for now. If you ask me again in five minutes though, I probably would think differently. Oh well, I try


Re: Top 5 Music Albums by Graeme Graeme Profile at 10/24/01 1:03:39 PM

My favourite Radiohead tracks are Creep and Just. Really good songs.

I was thinking, and one of my favourite albums is Supergrass' "In it for the Money", my favourite tracks being Late in the Day, Sun Hits the Sky and Richard III. Quite an underrated band in general I feel.


Re: Top 5 Music Albums by Pantera Psycho at 10/25/01 1:53:43 AM

Slayer - Reign in Blood

One of the most amazing thrash albums ever released. The power and intensity behind this album is hard to match, and the album also packs some great tunes. The album also got a lot of critisizm over the song Angel of Death, which got people thinking that they were Nazis (even though their singer isn't white, one of their guitarists was born Jewish, and the lyrics don't condone any of what the song's about). They don't hold anything back on this album.

Megadeth - Rust in Peace

Arguably the best metal album of all time (or best album of all time for that matter). The guitar work in this album is still yet to be matched by any metal band. The album contains some of the most classic Megadeth songs, and is another album that doesn't hold anything back. Songs like Hangar 18 fly through controversial lyrics right into a wicked mess of guitar solos. The entire album is one that just about anyone can sit and listen through at any time.

Testament - The Gathering

The most release by another west coast thrash band is their best yet. The album manages to mix in extreme brutality with something you can actually catch the tune to. The guitar riffs on this album are beyond superb, with James Murphy and Eric Peterson combining to make one of the greatest guitar duos of all time, and with Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, second time a CD he's been in has shown up on the list) on drums. Chuck Billy belts out some intense vocals, and actually manages to add a White Zombieish sound to all the insanity.

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The second release from Black Sabbath, this one is the one that got it all kicked into full gear. It contains just about all of their most famous songs, songs like War Pigs, Paranoid, Planet Caravan, Iron Man, Electric Funeral, Hand of Doom, Rat Salad, and Fairies Wear Boots. John Michael (Ozzy) Osbourne's haunting vocals, Geezer Butler's superior bass work, Tony Iommi's amazing guitar work, and Bill Ward's destructive drumming combine to make almost the perfect album of all time. An album of this influence may never be released ever again.

Faith No More - Angeldust

If you're looking for mainstream, you'll find a little bit less on this album than on any of their other albums, but the musicianship on this album is much better. Also the album experiments with more strange music and sounds. Songs like Caffene, RV, Kindergarten, Midlife Crisis, Smaller and Smaller, and many more are seen in many Faith No More fans eyes as some of the best songs ever put out. Still with the Faith No More rock sound, this album is set far apart from the legend's other albums. This is also another very influential album, along with the band's previous release, The Real Thing. The two albums combined were a big influence on today's new rock scene, except MUCH better.

Re: Top 5 Music Albums by allenki72 at 10/25/01 8:23:12 PM

Anything Styx, especially The Grand Illusion and Pieces of Eight. Their earlier albums as well as early 80's material is great as well.

Sorry if this isn't 5, but hey, I've got some favorites too.

Re: Top 5 Music Albums by comet3506 at 10/27/01 2:38:01 AM

Mine are as follows

U2- Joshua Tree
Fave Track: Streets, With or with out you, Bullet the Blue sky, Running to Stand Still, and exit

U2-Achtung Baby

Fave tracks: Better than the Real thing, WIld Horses, So Cruel, and the Fly

Counting Crows- August and Everything after
Fave Tracks: Round here, Anna Begins, Rain King, Murder of One

Pearl Jam- Ten
Fave Tracks- Black, Jeremy, Porch

Counting Crows- Recovering the Satallites
Fave Tracks: Angels of the Silences, CHildren in Bloom, Another Horsedreamers Blues, Recovering the Satallites, Long December

And so many more great CDS.

Re: Top 5 Music Albums by Patripman Patripman Profile at 10/27/01 8:03:18 AM

Good topic here are mine;
I placed several number 1's even though you asked for top 5 it was a difficult task.

1. "Seconds Out", Genesis. The best live recording ever done in my opion. It gathers the best of old and new music the band was doing post Peter Gabriel.
* "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway", Genesis. Again one of the best concept albums ever recorded. There hasnt been music recorded like this and never will be.
* "Animals" Pink Floyd, the best of the 70's Floyd albums. In my opinion this was the last great Floyd recordings.

2. "2112", Rush. I saw the band perform this show in 1976, nothing will ever come close to blowing me away like this show did. I think for raw hard core rock without not much studio prep this is a must for any Rush fan.

3. "We Sold our Soul for Rock n Roll", Back Sabbath. Yes a greatest hits album but it gathers most of what many want to listen to. I do want to add that I have a bootleg album of a live show recorded during their "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" tour that ranks real high on my list.

4. "Led Zeppelin 1", the really first hard core "Acid Rock" album that to this day can only be listened to when I have my system turned up to the point of blowing out the windows.

5. "Back in Black" AC/DC, tough decision here because you asked for 5. First recording after Bon Scotts death, oh how they put together a selection of songs that still to this day brings a tear to my eyes.

Just a few comments, I own so much music that it isnt funny. Much of it from the 70's when rock and roll was in its prime. It is quite difficult for me to put numbers in front of the music that I own. Like numbering coasters "which I dont do" it doesnt reflect the overall tastes that I have.

Re: Top 5 Music Albums by Aaron8402 at 10/29/01 3:39:00 PM

Well, I almost ALWAYS listen to Christian Music, so here are my top 5! It's hard to put them in order, so I am just going to list them.

"Karoake Superstars" by Barlow Girls. This cd is awesome! A very interesting blend of genre's of music. I LOVE it! Some of my favorite songs:

Barlow Girls, Big Star Machine, Karoake Superstars, Super Trouper, TV Land

"Alien Youth" by Skillet. Some songs on this cd are very intense, some are very Worshipful. Awesome!
My favs on the cd:
Alien Youth, Vapor, Earth Invasion, You are my Hope, Falling Down

"Kaleidoscope Superior" by Earthsuit. This band combines SEVERAL different styles of music, and it really sounds great. My favs:
One Time, WhiteHorse, Against the Grain, Do You enjoy the Distortion

"The Anatomy of the tongue in cheek" by Relient K. The lyrics will make you laugh, think, and cheer! This album even has a song about being a Horse! My favs:
Kick-Off, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Maybe It's Maybeline, Lion Wilson, What have You been doing lately?, Failure to Excommunicate, Less is more

"Candycoatedwaterdrops" by Plumb. Plumb's voice is very good, but also very mysterious. It's fabulous! My favs:
Late great planet Earth, Stranded, Worlds Collide: a fairy tale, Drugstore jesus, candycoatedwaterdrops

Other fabulous albums: "Girls and Boys" by Flight 180, Jump 5, "Untitled" by The Benjamin Gate, "Shimmer" by Luna Halo, "Triumphantine" by Miss Angie, "Have I ever Told You" by FFH, and others!

><> Aaron <><

Your URC Christian Music Freak. ;-)

Re: Top 5 Music Albums by MagnumAllan at 10/29/01 9:36:11 PM

1. Live - V - an absolutely amazing cd. Can never get enough of this cd.

2. Live - Secret Samadhi - BRILLIANT cd. I really don't think anyone could listen to this whole cd and not respect it. Beautiful.

3. Live - Throwing Copper - unbelievable cd. Gotta love the unbelievably unproduced sound - one of the greatest rock albums ever.

4. Weezer - Blue Album - great cd. Definitely Weezer's best cd.

5. Weezer - Green Album - another great cd from Weezer. Unfortunately the tracks start to sound the same. Great cd nonetheless - glad to see Weezer wasn't a one-cd band.

Well you probably think my musical scope is just about absolute crap seeing that I only listed two bands. Trust me, I hate rap, hip hop, and just about everything other than metal and alternative - but for those two, especially alternative, I've heard quite a lot of stuff! -Allan

Re: Top 5 Music Albums by Johnny Mnemonic at 11/1/01 2:33:35 AM


What more can I say? The greatest recording of the 21st century. Bands are still ripping off this record.

2)GROOVE ARMADA-Goodbye Country

My personal favorite album of 2001. If you like dance grooves, drum and bass or art stylings, this is the ONE!


Proves that the sountrack for Virgin Suicides was no fluke. Beautifully haunting piece of work. Could very well have worked as a sequel to Kid A.


This is one beautiful and sexy woman, and she's kicks some serious ass. It's hard to describe her electronic stylings, except to say it will *FLOOR* you.

5)Music for and inspired by the film, MEMENTO.

Perfectly captures the mood of the film but stands on it's own as a brilliant group of electronic stylings. Features Radiohead, David Bowie, Bjork, Moby and the Peace Orchestra all doing their best work in years.