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College Basketball

SFA Dave
Posted: 10/21/01 at 11:32:58 PM
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Any fans in here??

For those who don't know I'm a huge fan of the Terps (hence my name on everything othr then this website is RavensNTerps) and it looks like it should be a great year.

I am interviewing Gary Williams tomorrow and watching them practice, it should be pretty interesting.

What is everyone elses team?


Re: College Basketball by Pantera Psycho at 10/22/01 3:54:15 AM

As an Illini fan, I'm very excited right now. Also, my school, Eastern Illinois, made it to the NCAA tournament last year, so it's big here.

Re: College Basketball by allenki72 at 10/25/01 8:16:24 PM

Since I go to Cincinnati, I'm expecting Bob Huggins to take the Bearcats to March Madness once again, as long as his new guys don't pull any crazy crap with the cops. Also high hopes the legends of Rick Pitino at Louisville and Bobby Knight at Texas Tech.
C-USA and the ACC should be the top conferences this season, we'll see who makes it to the top...

Re: College Basketball by dale caskey at 10/27/01 11:16:50 AM

Eastern Illinois, Hey, I live in the hometown of another Ohio Valley Conference school. MOREHEAD STATE! My boys serve as ball boys for all of the home games. Eastern Illinois was loaded with two of the top four scorers in the nation last year but one of those guy is gone now, and we've got about everyone back, so look out Panthers, the Eagles are going to be coming after your OVC crown. LOL!

I'm also a fan of course of this years coming NCAA champion, KENTUCKY WILDCATS!


Re: College Basketball by dale caskey at 10/27/01 11:19:17 AM

How about throwing in the SEC as one of the top conferences with FLORIDA and KENTUCKY being in the top 5 of most preseason polls? Yeah, the SEC should be one of the top, if not the top college basketball conference this year in hoops.


Re: College Basketball by SFA Dave at 10/27/01 12:09:32 PM

Dale- The SEC is very good. Remember though, Florida did lose Teddy Dupay, no small loss. Kentucky does look good with Bogans and Prince but Maryland will beat them all :).

And the ACC is not that strong this year. Other then Maryland and Duke (arguably the 2 best teams in the nation) you have a few decent teams and two not-so good teams.

It should finish MD/Duke (could really go either way), Virginia, UNC, Wake Forest/Georgia Tech (either way), Clemson, NC State and FSU.

Virginia is OK, UNC lost Heywood and Forte, Wake has a new coach and Georgia Tech is steadily coming back to greatness (Paul Hewitt is a good coach)

-Dave S. in MD the home of the Superbowl Champions, the heavy weight champion of the world and pretty soon the repeat superbowl champions, the college football and basketball national champions and the NBA Champions (come on MJ!)

Re: College Basketball by MagnumAllan at 10/29/01 9:38:19 PM

Sorry guy, nobody is going to be able to beat University of Virginia this year. This is THE most UNDERRATED team BY FAR this year. Terps will give them a run for their money i must admit. ACC dominates college hoops once again, but this time it's UMD and UVA.

Re: College Basketball by SFA Dave at 11/3/01 12:18:57 AM

Until UVA can prove they can win tough road games they are on a step below Maryland and Duke.


Re: College Basketball by Pantera Psycho at 11/4/01 3:40:16 PM

I know EIU is supposed to have another good player this year that was coming on late last year, not really sure about any details though, I don't follow my school's sports too well, I know our football team's only got maybe one loss, that's good. Still though, not really sure about all the details. One thing though, I have no clue as to why we're in the Ohio Valley Conference when we're way out here in Illinois, but oh well, if we can dominate the conference, then we'll stay.