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We NEED a Van Halen reunion with DLR VERY badly!!!

Posted: 8/19/01 at 4:27:03 PM
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So when is Eddie going to let us know what is happening? Is his cancer geting worse? In other words is Eddie really a big lier??? I keep hearing this BS from him or about him being a lier and please God I hope it is not true that he is covering up anything!!!


Re: We NEED a Van Halen reunion with DLR VERY badly!!! by coastin'curt at 8/20/01 3:02:46 AM

Greetings PFF,

Van Halen and Pink Floyd are my all-time faves. V.H. to get wound up, and P.F. to wind down! However, internal problems in both bands are enough to make you yank yer hair out. With all of the reunions of recent years you would think that these legendary groups would do the same. But Roger Waters has said many times that he will not work with Dave Gilmour again, ever! It looked like David Lee Roth was back in Van Halen for at least one album and tour back in the late 90's. At least that's what Dave thought. But Noooo! Best of V.H. vol.1 was released with the tunes Dave did vocal work on, and Dave sued. Sammy was more than slightly hurt about the whole thing because he was kept in the dark. (He has always opposed a "Greatest Hits" compilation anyway.) So in practically one day they manage to lose Dave again, plus Sammy! Enter Gary Cherone, Exit Gary Cherone! (thank GOD)!!!

Cancer runs in the Van Halen family, Eddie's had a hip replacement, Big Al has it in his neck. It killed their Father, and Grandfather. Eddie was most recently treated for tongue cancer, he still does home treatments daily and is expected to recover soon. Alex has to be very careful about neck strain or he'll be paralyzed. I know it's a mess but the thing to remember is that Rock is still in their blood, and there's lots of music to be made yet. Hopefully we'll see Van Halen again soon in whatever incarnation they take. They are human just like you and I, sometimes nature can be a mother! I don't think Eddie outright lied to the media about his condition. But, he has the right to patient confidentiality. He does'nt have to tell us anything at all. I'm thankful that he finally did come out with it though. It's just unfortunate that he felt like he HAD to squelch the rumors when he did. Some of the latest ones to float around are pretty amazing, now would have been a better time!

Meanwhile, turn on and crank it up baby!

-Coastin'Curt aka VHinsider#316

Re: We NEED a Van Halen reunion with DLR VERY badly!!! by Pantera Psycho at 8/20/01 4:43:52 PM

Yeah, I thought what they did back in '96, that was more than just pretty bad. David Lee Roth was the reason that the band was any good back in the 80's, I do like Sammy Hagar, but with Van Halen it's another story, Sammy should've just stuck to solo stuff. I hope they bring back David Lee Roth.

As for Eddie and Alex's cancer situations, I know Alex is pretty good right now, and that's a very good thing, and I really hope Eddie can get through it well, so far it looks like he's doing pretty good though.