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As a Kid, what did you hate the most, that you had to do?

Coaster Zeke
Posted: 10/20/01 at 6:55:07 PM
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Now, how I stated that question may not be the best way to have stated it......seeing this question from an adult point of view & realizing many participating on this great site are still kids.......maybe actually making this a more viable question.

Here's mine:

School- Now I just graduated from a technical college & did so as high honors student & represented my division & program as the graduation speaker & I now have a great paying job, but my new-found enthusiasm wasn't always the case. All through my elementary, junior high, & high school years, I was a slacker.....didn't really give a crap & would push the envelope insofar as missing as many days as I could. I was so good at playing sick that I should have been named Ferris. Then there were all of my practical jokes & what not.

CCD classes- Now maybe some of you can't relate, but if you are Catholic, you probably know what I'm talking about. After spending a whole day in school, the thought of attending a couple additional hours of religion class just weren't to inviting. Worse yet, one year, being hit with a whole week of all day CCD classes with the nuns during the summer! Oh good heavens. I'm surprised all survived my childhood

Swimming lessons- Yeah, a good idea & something that really comes in handy as far as knowing & being safer around water, but as a kid, this was just another thing that I had to take part in at least once a week during the summer. I hated this! Moreover, the chlorine in the water bothered my eyes so much that I swam with my eyes close usually & not a good idea, I might add. I remember....kicking along holding that big wooden board & all of the sudden....BONK! Ouch! those walls hurt.
Then, being it was summer, it was supposed to be warm....well, not always...especially in Wisconsin. I can remember some mornings in early June when it was so cool you made your way to the public pool needing to wear a sweatshirt to keep warm enough. Infact, it was on one of those such cool mornings that I foregot to bring my swimming trunks along with me & one of the swimming instructors said I could just come into the pool are a watch * maybe still learn something & I thought...Wow, good deal. Now I can watch those other poor souls freeze their butts off, but they were going to be practicing lifeguar technics that day & having the participants take part in playing the part of the person being assisted. It was during this that the other instructor got the idea of me playing this part too...saying that sometimes you may see situation where someone falls into water with their clothes on & regardless of swimming ability, the added weight adds to the diffculty of keeping afloat. So, they had me jump in off of the low dive. In retrospect, not a bad idea on their part because it does give a person a realization of added factors in what may often times be the case if someone ended up in the water unprepared or unexpectedly.

Coaster Zeke

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Re: As a Kid, what did you hate the most, that you had to do? by Pantera Psycho at 10/22/01 3:53:26 AM

1. Swimming lessons. Had to take these from ages 3 to age 11. That was too much for me. I got to the level by age 9 where I couldn't go any further, but still, for the next two years I had to take them several times a summer.

2. Cleaning the house. Had to do this once every week, and didn't like it at all. I still don't think it had to be done every week, maybe every other, but not every week. During the summer it was picking up for 30 minutes every day, and there were so many times that there was nothing for me, my brother, or my sister to clean up.

3. School. Boring, didn't think it'd take me anywhere, but now I know, COLLEGE WEEKENDS RULE!!!