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What`s your favorite Steak House?

Posted: 10/18/01 at 5:52:02 PM
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There`s nothing like a big fat juicy steak,and my favorite place for steaks is Angelo`s Steak Pit in Panama City Beach Fl.They have special seasonings and cook them over Hickory coals.They have a 2 pound T-Bone that is more like eating a roast than a steak,and I can`t stop eating until every bite is gone.Makes my mouth water thinking about it.

Re: What`s your favorite Steak House? by raisun raisun Profile at 10/19/01 1:33:27 AM

hmmm, funny I live in CA but I think the 2 best steak houses I've been to are in Florida too...weird. I can't decide which I like better, Burn's in Tampa or Charlie's in Orlando, but they are both good.

Re: What`s your favorite Steak House? by THE BEASTmaster at 10/20/01 3:09:30 AM

Longhorn Steakhouse here in Cincinnati, Ohio! They have the best steaks. Especially their T-bones. The T-bones are cut 3 inches thick.

Bill Yost

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Re: What's your favorite Steak House? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/20/01 7:54:53 PM

Great steak houses! There are too many to list.

I personally like Ruth's Chris which I have been to in Las Vegas and Bevery Hills. The rib eye or new york strip are to die for.

Smith and Wolinsky's in New York was quite exceptional, but it has been a number of years. There is also a location in Las Vegas.

Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena is very good. It has a great atmosphere and is perfect to take a date.

For a lesser price I enjoy the steaks at Outback and Benihana's.


Re: What`s your favorite Steak House? by Pantera Psycho at 10/22/01 3:49:53 AM

Nothing beats the Outback for me, great stuff.

mmmmm . . . steak . . . . by gracie_0801 at 10/24/01 12:00:05 AM

:P - - - - O

Well, I would have to say that the Outback is pretty reliable.

There's the Hereford (sp?) House in Overland Park, Kansas (burb of KC). A little pricey for college students, but worth it at least once.

There's Applebee's Honey Pepper Steak (don't get me wrong, the steak does not even remotely live up to any of the others on this list, it's the sauce that gets me).

Ummmm . . . I would say also Diamond Creek Grille in Emporia, Kansas. Truly smoked. Very tasty. The best place to eat in this little city.

And I've heard, although I've not had the chance to try it yet, I probably will in March, the steak at Gene and Georgetta's in downtown Chicago is some of the best steak in Chicago.

I also hear Morton's of Chicago (which is branching out national now) is pretty awesome.

I don't have any recommendations for Des Moines. Can you believe that?!


Re: What`s your favorite Steak House? by Rickyswmn at 11/4/01 5:22:31 PM

My favorite In NJ would be the Lonestar Steakhouse :)