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Ray's 5 Favorite Vegas Eateries

ray p
Posted: 10/18/01 at 2:50:49 PM
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This one is going to be a more general food poll, but for those who have been to Las Vegas, what are your favorite places to eat? Vegas has SO many choices it's hard to pick just one.... so here's my list of the 5 best meals and deals in the city of lights:

1- Rio Carnival World Buffet: Without a doubt, this is the best buffet I have ever dined at. For $15, you get all-you-can-eat access to an absolutely immense area of food. It's almost like a mall food court. The U.S.A station features prime rib, turkey, crab legs, VERY yummy mashed potatoes, and all the usual buffet finds. To the left is the Italian station, with pastas and other Italian creations. Keep going and you'll encounter a Chinese station, a barbecue station (where they will cook you a steak for a nominal upcharge), a "rainforest" station specializing in natural foods, a Japanese station, a Fish and Chips area with fried fish, shrimp, and steak fries (mmm....), a hamburger and milk shake station, and finally a wood-fired pizza station. If you can't find something you like here, there's something wrong! There's also a bar (extra charge) and a HUGE dessert bar with pies, cakes, cookies, cream puffs, and other pastries. This is the only place I have ever gone and actually over-ate. GOOD stuff.

2- Golden Nugget Buffet: Located in downtown's glitziest hotel, this buffet isn't anywhere near as big as Rio. And that's what makes it special. The selections are standard buffet fare (prime rib, ham, turkey... etc.), but due to the smaller size, you get chefs that are always replenishing the food and making sure the guests are happy. There's also a good selection of desserts. This place is VERY popular with guests as the lines can get quite long.

3- Binion's Horseshoe Coffeeshop: This is one of downtown's hidden gems. The Coffee Shop at Binion's occupies the same area as their buffet, but there is a pretty decent sized menu you can order from. The big deal here is a $9.95 steak dinner. You get a 16 oz. t-bone, baked potato or fries, corn-on-the-cob, a salad, and rolls. I guess I was just amazed that a dinner this big was relatively unexpensive and actually tasted good. The service here isn't exactly the greatest, but the food more than makes up for it.

4- New York New York Food Court: There's a rather diverse array of fast food stands located in the "village" area of New York New York. The ice cream is excellent and has some interesting flavors (green apple!), the fish and chips place is EXCELLENT (albeit a bit pricey), and the cheesesteaks are every bit as good as those at Great Steak and Potato outlets. Just don't ride the Manhattan Express right after eating!

5- Main Street Station Garden Court Buffet: Yet another buffet, this one being one of the lesser known. Main Street Station's has a very diverse selection of foods including some bizarre concoctions like Strawberry Chicken and other Asian-flavored dishes. They also have great pizza and decent chicken and beef. The dessert bar is fabulous and the dining area is just beautiful. Main Street may not have the best location (about a block and a half from Jackie Gaughan's Plaza hotel at the end of Fremont Street), but it's well worth finding. They have awesome cherry cokes, too!

I don't expect many responses to this one... but as you can tell, I'm bored again today so I felt the need to write!

ray p.

Re: Ray's 5 Favorite Vegas Eateries by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/20/01 7:48:06 PM

Bally's Big Kitchen Buffet is my personal favorite. They have snowcrab legs, prime rib, filet mignon, shrimp, carved turkey, carved ham and so many other great items that I cannot list them all. It is also one of the more expensive buffets at $20 per person. The more you pay the better they tend to be.

I also like the food court at New York New York as well. The fried chicken or deep dish pizza is excellent. But forget about the Manhattan Express it is not worth your money at the price they charge. I will NEVER ride it again.

You may also enjoy PF Changs China Bistro at the Aladdien. They have excellent chinese food which is a little on the lighter side than normal chinese food.

Palm at Ceasar's Forum Shops is very good for steaks and seafood.


Re: Ray's 5 Favorite Vegas Eateries by coasters4life at 10/30/01 4:53:41 PM

I haven't been to many buffets over there (only the ones at MGM and Aladdin), but my favorite gourmet restaurant is probably Delmonico's over at the Ventian. It's probably the best steakhouse I've ever been to, and also has a lenghtly wine list.

Mitch F.

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