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Something about Planets of the Apes

Posted: 10/18/01 at 12:19:57 PM
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While watching Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes recently I could not help but to feel that I had seen the lead female ape somewhere before. Not until I saw MTV music awards show did it dawn on me where. I going to try to put in a picture link so that we all can compare together.

User Submitted Picture
Re: Something about Planets of the Apes by Capler at 10/18/01 12:30:45 PM

Ok, I'm going to try this one more time. User Submitted Picture

I'm no Sam Marks. by Capler at 10/18/01 12:53:36 PM

Well I could not get the pictures in. I guess I will have to get Sam Marks to help.

The female star of the Planet of the Apes looks like Micheal Jackson. Could this be Michael and Bubbles love child? Just think about it for a second. They both have the same complection, same nose, and same hair, the same eyes, and they both have that same blank look on their faces. Oh and they both dress a like. It seems to me that Tim Burton used Michael as his inspiration.

Re: I'm no Sam Marks. by Coasternut at 10/18/01 5:33:38 PM

I was expecting her to turn into a Zombie and start sing Thriller.Amazing how much she looked like Jack-O.Looked enough like him to scare little boys!Sorry for the cheap

Re: I'm no Sam Marks. by Capler at 10/19/01 12:05:04 PM

That was so cheap, you could get two for a dollar.