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Best fast food fries

Posted: 10/18/01 at 11:36:06 AM
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1.) McDonalds They make the best by a long shot

2.) Burger King Not nearly good as McDonald's but are the next best thing out there. I have a little problem with the texture. The don't go limp but you get the strange sensation that you are bitting a little plastic stick. You know the squeeky feeling.

3.) Arby's The little curly fries are ok some time.

4.) Wendy's These have the best flavor but you better eat them in the car before you get back to the house, otherwise it is limp city.

5.) Hardees/Carl Jr. They don't go limp but they don't don't have much taste either. Get only because they come with the combo.

Here in the South east we have a chicken place called Bojangos. They have a really good cajun spiced fry.

Re: Best fast food fries by ray p at 10/18/01 1:26:17 PM

You must have been reading my mind Capler as this was going to be my next topic. In no particular order, here's my assessment of the fast-food joints fries:

* McDonald's: "America's Favorite Fries" certainly aren't my favorite. While they are head and shoulders better than Burger King's, they are very inconsistent. If they're hot and fresh, they can be very tasty. Otherwise, it's like eating cardboard.

* Burger King: BK has some god-awful fries. Ever since they put that "batter-like" substance on them, they just went downhill for me. They also tend to leave a nasty aftertaste. I'll wash these down with a glass of monkey urine! ;)

* Wendy's: As Capler stated, if they are hot, they are awesome. If not... well, they are pretty pathetic. Nothing worse than getting a cold Biggie fry.

* Arby's: Curly fries = excellent. While I'm not known for liking spicy foods, I love these fries. Their "Homestyle" fries" are okay... Now if only we can figure out exactly what kind of mystery meat those "Roast Beef" sandwiches are.....

* Hardee's: bland. There really isn't much to say about these as they hardly have any flavor.

* A&W/Long John Silver's: While these have a "batter" on them as well, they are not bad. They are usually hot and salty, and have a decent taste to them.

In the Akron area, there is a place called Hamburger Station that serves THE best fries I've had. They are fresh-cut, Carnival-style fries and are ultra-greasy..... but they taste wonderful!

ray "I know too much about fast food" p.

Re: Best fast food fries by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/18/01 1:28:32 PM

McDonald's fries are good, but I am going to have to say that Winnerschnitzel or Ruby's Diner has better fries. They are both similar to the fries at McDonald's but taste better.


Re: Best fast food fries by raisun raisun Profile at 10/19/01 1:37:05 AM

Ruby's fries are really good...but I think for fast food I might lean towards Del Taco.

Re: Best fast food fries by Mandy at 10/19/01 12:24:48 PM

This is a question right up my alley. I'm the french fry queen!! lol.

1.) Burger King - I know I'm in the minority, but I love the fries since they changed them. They are by far my favorite.

2.) Wendy's - Good, if hot, but really bad if they have been allowed to cool.

3.) McDonald's - Too small and greasy.

4.) Arby's - They do get kudos for their curly fries, but their regular fries are just plain awful.

Re: Best fast food fries by THE BEASTmaster at 10/20/01 5:20:42 PM

Rally's burgers has the best fast food fries. they have their own spices on them that taste so good. (drools on keyboard) :-)

Bill Yost

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Re: Best fast food fries by Rabid Koala at 10/20/01 5:32:36 PM

Here in Southern CA, the best fries USED to be at Jack inthe Box, until they "improved" them with a coating. Now they suck!

In N'Out Burger has great fries (and everything else!).

Re: Best fast food fries by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 10/20/01 7:44:02 PM

I forgot about the fries at Del Taco... they are excellent! The fries there are like the old krinkle fries at Carl's Jr that so many miss even today.


Re: Best fast food fries by Pantera Psycho at 10/22/01 3:49:22 AM

I prefer Burger King's. I like the stiffness they have to them, and I also like the texture (something mentioned as a downside). I just think overall they're the best.

Carl's old fries by EBL at 11/4/01 10:13:56 PM

Yeah, the old crinkle cut fries at Carl's were good, and I still miss them.

The fries at In-N-Out are the best today---even better than McDonald's.