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NBA Season Predictions!!! (It's never too early!)

Posted: 10/16/01 at 6:19:02 PM
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Well here they are. Post if you have any. (By the way if you are wondering about the Hawks and Knicks, you gotta have some upsets and heck, the Hawks have a nice team this year(Ratliff,Abdur-Rahim,Terry,Nazr Mohammed(who played well once he got traded to the Hawks))):

Eastern Conference
Atlantic Divison
*1. Orlando Magic
*2. Philadelphia 76ers
*3. New York Knicks
*4. Miami Heat
*5. Boston Celtics
6. Washington Wizards
7. New Jersey Nets

Central Division
*1. Milwaukee Bucks
*2. Toronto Raptors
*3. Atlanta Hawks
4. Indiana Pacers
5. Detorit Pistons
6. Chicago Bulls
7. Cleveland Cavaliers

Western Conference
Midwest Division
*1. San Antonio Spurs
*2. Dallas Mavericks
*3. Houston Rockets
*4. Utah Jazz
5. Minnesota Timberwolves
6. Memphis Grizzlies
7. Denver Nuggets

Pacific Division
*1. Los Angeles Lakers
*2. Sacramento Kings
*3. Phoenix Suns
*4. Portland Trailblazers
5. Los Angeles Clippers
6. Golden State Warriors
7. Seattle Sonics

East- Round 1
Magic over Celtics
Bucks over Heat
Hawks over 76ers
Knicks over Raptors

West- Round 1
Lakers over Jazz
Spurs over Blazers
Kings over Rockets
Mavs over Suns

East- Round 2
Magic over Knicks
Hawks over Bucks

West-Round 2
Lakers over Spurs
Kings over Mavs

East-Round 3
Magic over Hawks

West-Round 3
Lakers over Kings

Lakers over Magic

Yawn!!!! NM by allenki72 at 10/16/01 8:21:30 PM

Re: NBA Season Predictions!!! (It's never too early!) by Pantera Psycho at 10/17/01 2:45:03 AM

I'll do it by conference actually.

Eastern Conference

1. 76ers
2. Bucks
3. Heat
4. Magic
5. Wizards
6. Raptors
7. Hawks
8. Celtics
9. Knicks
10. Pacers
11. Pistons
12. Bulls (looking good this preseason(finally))
13. Nets
14. Cavs

Western Conference

1. Spurs
2. Mavs
3. Kings
4. Lakers
5. Rockets
6. TWolves
7. Jazz
8. Blazers
9. Suns
10. Sonics
11. Warriors
12. Grizzlies
13. Clippers
14. Nuggets

East - Round 1
76ers over Celtics
Bucks over Hawks
Heat over Raptors
Wizards over Magic

West - Round 1
Spurs over Blazers
Mavs over Jazz (like I'd say this 5-10 years ago)
Kings over TWolves
Lakers over Rockets

East - Round 2
76ers over Wizards (in 6)
Bucks over Heat (in 5)

West-Round 2
Spurs over Lakers (in 5)
Mavs over Kings (in 6)

East-Round 3
Bucks over 76ers (in 7)

West-Round 3
Spurs over Mavs (sweep, in 4)

Bucks over Spurs (in 6)

Milwaukee Bucks (long overdue)

You had to get me started did'nt you? by Capler at 10/17/01 12:16:59 PM

Wait a minute. It is just like with my home park, Carowinds. Do yall have something against my home team, Charlotte Hornets. This will be the same team that made it to the conference finals last season. Who cares that this will probably be the last season they will play in Charlotte. It is not our fault, we built them a brand new arena 12 years ago and now they want another. I say good bye. Let the owners go rape another community. Charlotte is a good sports town but the voter stood up and said "No way". I actually hate to see them go but I am very proud of the city and votes for taking a positive stand against this foolishness. The owners are currently talking to Norfork, and Louisville. Recently the stupid owner has said that he will pull all his sports teams out of Charlotte if he moves the Hornets. Can you believe it? Fans have stopped buying season tickets and local advertisers have pulled sponsership because we are fed up with this madness.

Re: NBA Season Predictions!!! (It's never too early!) by Pantera Psycho at 10/22/01 3:45:04 AM

Oh man, I did leave the Hornets out of that, who else did I forget? Oh well, I think the Hornets would make the playoffs, probably around #6, just replace them with whoever else I put at #6.

Jordan (oops, I mean the Wizards) by Zimm at 10/25/01 2:52:50 PM

I'm from the D.C. area and like the Wizards, but they lose all the time. I think they will be better this year with Jordan but not great. In the last pre-season game, every time he was in, the Wizards got a lead and were doing really well. But, he's 38 and needs more rest, so when he leaves, the Wizards go back to their old selves and blow any lead Jordan gave them. At least the team will get a lot of attention now.


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Re: NBA Season Predictions!!! (It's never too early!) by coasters4life at 10/30/01 5:02:14 PM

Here's my take on the East:

1) 76er's
2) Bucks
3) Magic
4) Heat
5) Raptors
6) Knicks
7) Wizards
8) Pacers

1) Lakers
2) Spurs
3) Mavs
4) Kings
5) Blazers
6) Jazz
7) Rockets
8) Nuggets

Finals: Repeat between 76er's and Lakers

My pick... no brainer... LA. Shaq is just an oversized monster. There is no stopping LA when you have him at center and Kobe Bryant by his side. IMO they will go down as the second best due behind Jordan/Pippen in NBA history.

Mitch F.