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Has America Seen I'm Alan Partridge?

Posted: 10/14/01 at 1:45:58 PM
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I've just replaced my VHS tapes with the DVD (Region 2) and whilst the picture is not exactly stunning, it has reminded me just how spectacularly funny the series was. I wondered if it was ever broadcast in America?

The character first appeared as a sports presenter on BBC news spoof The Day Today. Next, they put him in a fake chat show format called Knowing Me Knowing You. It was funny, but hit and miss. This was followed by the 6-part sitcom I'm Alan Partridge, which I'm convinced is 3 hours of condensed, non-stop comedy gold.

The scripts are so tight, with a genuinely hilarious climax to each episode, featuring either: cheese; chocolate mousse; a falling cow; a crazed fan...

Alan takes a 12" plate to an all-you-can-eat buffet that only provides 8" plates. He discusses the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre whilst he is in bed with a woman...

Maybe it's just my sense of humour, but I wonder if this has been seen worldwide and the humour translated?