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Favorite Lifesaver Flavor

Posted: 10/5/01 at 1:25:31 PM
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Personally, I love Pineapple.

What is your favorite flavor? I will tally the results in a week so reply away.


Re: Favorite Lifesaver Flavor by junebugg junebugg Profile at 10/5/01 3:40:45 PM

A vote for cherry-flavored from me.

- junebugg

Re: Favorite Lifesaver Flavor by TxGiantFan at 10/5/01 4:22:34 PM

I personally love Pineapple also.

Re: Favorite Lifesaver Flavor by raisun raisun Profile at 10/5/01 6:49:42 PM


pineapple here also n/m by Coaster Crazed at 10/7/01 10:45:37 PM

Re: Favorite Lifesaver Flavor by ray p at 10/16/01 4:10:12 PM

I was stunned when Nabisco said they were considering taking the pineapple Life Savers out and replacing them with a new flavor. Pineapple (or "the white ones" as we call them) are the BEST. Man, I love these boards!

ray p.