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Family Ties on Nick-at-Nite

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 9/25/01 at 3:02:21 PM
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One of the best 1980s sitcoms has resurfaced on Nick-at-Nite making me feel really old. Family Ties was introduced in 1982 on NBC as a family comedy featuring two baby boomers with 1960s values raisning 3 kids with 1980s values. The show started slow in the ratings but soon picked up steam and when paired with the mega hit Cosby Show in 1984 the show hit its peak.
Michael J. Fox became a breakout star and his conservative Alex character became one of the best in sitcom history.
Ironically Nick-at-Nite debuted in 1985 when family Ties was at the peak of its popularity.

Re: Family Ties on Nick-at-Nite by BGW at 9/26/01 9:51:00 AM

Stuck in a hotel room last night with Showtime instead of HBO, only solution...4 episodes of Family Ties before finally passing out. The thing that is so cool about that show, most all the comedy is just as funny today as it was then. If you watch reruns of the Cosby show, boring. It makes you wonder how it was number one for so long. Other shows from that time and older just don't stand the test of time. IMHO Family Ties, Night Court, Cheers and M.A.S.H all would be hits today if this were there debut season.


Re: Family Ties on Nick-at-Nite by Coasternut at 9/27/01 6:28:21 PM

Andy Griffith was a great show too.FT was a very good show,and you never had to worry about letting kids watch it.One line I`ll always remember is "If these were Poptarts,we would be dead now."Anyone else remember this?