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Flyers and Rangers stop hockey game for Pres. speech and speech obs

Posted: 9/21/01 at 1:01:47 PM
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I thought this was one of the strongest unity instances I have ever seen!

THe Flyers and Rangers last night stopped their pre-season hockey game when the pres speech was shown on the big screen. THE PLAYERS Just stopped playing and watched! When the ref tried to get the players to start playing they scoffed him! When the TV was turnned off the ROWDY CROWD DEMANDED THAT IT BE PUT BACK ON!

The players after the speech was over shook hands and called it a 2-2 tie and were apluaded for it!

pt. two

I found it extremely interesting (Pres Speech) That he basically put out hit orders on terroist. I know that war is basically just that but to say it in such a way was a very very powerful message. "Weather they are brought to justice, OR WE BRING JUSTICE TO THEM!"

Also he ellminated one major obstical of American Policy by saying we do not recognize the Talliban as a legitamate govt! US policy for the last 25 years is that we will not go after HEADS OF STATE! (OMAR) He is fair game and he also said that we will not recognize Terroist Suporting Nations! (YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!)

A very stong and assured speech was given, I hope for as few losses as possible in the comming days/years and will continue to pray that this is resolved ASAP>

Charles Nungester

Re: Flyers and Rangers stop hockey game for Pres. speech and speech obs by Pantera Psycho at 9/22/01 4:55:12 AM

I saw this speech too and was also impressed with what our president said. Then again, in times of war, it's said that Republicans are better to have in office, but that's beyond the point, he gave a strong and assuring speech, and I applaud him for that. I am interested in seeing how all of this works out in the future, and I doubt, unfourtinately, that we'll have another Desert Storm (no troops lost), but I think if we work strategicaly and accurately, then we can get as few losses as possible, and that's what I hope the most for these upcoming months/years that this war wages.