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America will get though all of this & be strong!

Coaster Zeke
Posted: 9/15/01 at 3:24:05 PM
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I was shocked to learn of what the terrorists had done as all of us were. It was like something out of a Tom Clancy Novel. I was at work at the factory where I work & unlike before, I couldn't just sit & watch CNN for the continuing coverage at the time when these things were happening. The only news we had access to were some brief articles which had ben printed off of & were placed in the breakroom. There is no TV & you litterally have no clue of what the weather is even doing while at this place, but I rushed home that night to watch the news of this tragedy. It was really sickening to learn how bad it really was. Everyone at work seems to be talking about World war Three & everything.

It's important to keep things in perspective. We will return to as normal as possible as a society & we will still be able to travel on the airlines & everything, but we will have greater delays & inconvenience, but this is neccessary. While we are likely to see some military action, I think it will be limited, well thought out, but very effective. I do believe those responsible will pay a heavy price. The events of the last few days will have an impact on all of us for a long time. For instance I normally work three days one week & four days the next week at the factory where I work, but with the seasonal help having left, there is more over-time & many of the best workers at the plant happen to also be Reservists. Many of them could be called to active duty.

I am still planning a trip to Florida in November & I still have faith in security on the airlines. I feel America will win this war on terrorism.

This is a great nation full of great people & you need to look no further than all of those firefighters & police officers who were willing to die to save others.
The love of God is alive & well in this country.

Coaster Zeke