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How will the attacks change entertainment?

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 9/14/01 at 4:37:12 PM
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How the news of the attacks so devastating on all of us, it will be interesting to see what forms of entertainemt is popular? Will the reality trend on TV give way to more escapest fare? Will action/adventure movies give way to light hearted comedies and fantasy fare? Already many movies with a terror plot have been shelved on TV and replaced by comedies like "Mrs. Doubtfire". I myself have been drwan to old comedies on Nick at Nite and TV Land to escape the grim reality.

Re: How will the attacks change entertainment? by CoasterFanatic CoasterFanatic Profile at 9/14/01 10:07:38 PM

Tell you the truth my mind is not on entertainment at all, however it is nice that you have something that can be turned too to give you a laugh or to get your minds of the tear jerking incidents of the last couple of days.

I am for one thankful of one thing, The news is reporting news and not the lattest Britney spears sighting bull that has been too long (A NEWS STORY)

you want entertainment news? Watch E channel! News shouldn't be 6hrs of B.S a day, It should be 30-60 minutes of news, around the world and at home.