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Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt???

Posted: 9/12/01 at 4:42:02 PM
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Once the debris is cleared and the rescue/recovery
operations are completed, what will be the future
of the site of the World Trade Center? Will there be
a new World Trade Center? Will the lower Manhattan
skyline be dominated by a new "Twin Towers" several
years down the road? What will happen next? Will they
most likely construct a memorial where the Twin Towers
once stood, similar to what was done in Oklahoma City?

Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by Pantera Psycho at 9/12/01 9:31:30 PM

That's a good question, I know that no one knows the answer for sure, but there's alot of opinions that could come out of it. Personally I think that they should not rebuild the twin towers, instead, make the world trade center a group of smaller buildings ranging anywhere from 30-50 stories tall, some of the buildings taller than before, some smaller, that way the target of such an important place is much smaller and more difficult for terrorists to ever hit again in this way. That's what I personally think should be done, sure it'll take up more horizontal space, but there's a good reason for doing this. Sure the buildings did look very nice, but safety first.

Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by KJWilliams at 9/12/01 9:35:55 PM

No, I don't think they will rebuild the Twin Towers. Just like the rebuilt Twister at Elitches, a rebuilt set of towers would only serve to disguise the atrocities ( not that the Twister II is atrocious, but a poor substitute for the coaster torn down.) Completely new buildings will necessarily be built to maintain the business community and the international presence.
A prominent memorial will be placed at the actual site. (I'm assuming that the plaza level is a good place)The new buildings should be of multinational architecure and reflect the traditions and cultures of those brought together by the commerce. Also, I'm sure that a much larger section of that area will in fact be raised because of the extensive damage and as a result of the search effort. The businesses affected will undoubtedly move to branch offices in the interim and several years down the road the area will again be alive with the sounds of pagers, office machines and bustle of professionals conducting business.

Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by BGW at 9/13/01 8:53:09 AM

Personally, I would love to see them rebuilt, actually add a third tower would even be better. There are several problems with this though. One, it has been over 20 years since any building close in size to that has been built. There are currently no erector companies left that could undertake such a project, so who would build it? Secondly, who would pay for it? The government, with what funding? The private sector, who could do it? Just like the bombing, only a few groups could pull it off, well, only a certain few companies could even think about financing a project of that magnitude. Like I said, I would love to see them rebuilt, but I just don't think it will happen.


Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by Air-force-1 at 9/13/01 11:52:21 AM

I'm no expert on this, but I'm sure that the towers had insurance coverage. A plane crashing into them was an anticipated danger, and was even taken into the design consideration of the towers...therefore, I assume that a catastrophe such as this would be covered...??

As far as the towers being rebuilt...i think it would make a great and bold statement if they were rebuilt, along with a memorial/plaza below. From an architectural standpoint, I think this would be a very symbolic move to see the exact towers, rebuilt.

On the other hand, would it be too difficult to see?
I assume that survivors would be working in the new towers if they were built. Any opinions? I'm curious to hear views on this. I am an architect. I work in a large firm in Minneapolis. I have heard many of my colleagues state the same opinion that I have-to rebuild the exact towers.

I'm anxious to hear your opinoins.

Take care,

Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by BGW at 9/13/01 12:13:10 PM

Yes they may have been designed to withstand the largest of planes slamming into the side of them, and may have even had insurance for it. But I imagine the insurance companies will try their hardest to avoid paying for the simple fact that this was an act of terrorism. I have relatives and friends that have lost everything from either an earthquake in California to floods in Kentucky. The family members in California had earthquake insurance and were compensated for it. My best friend did not have flood insurance, nor did hardly any of his neighbors since they lived out of flood plains, but that didn't matter much when the dam busted. The insurance companies didn't pay a dime. I don't know if there is such a thing as "terrorist insurance", but I can see a long court battle before the insurance pay the value of the building.

With your architectural background, do you think there is any company still around that could build something this big? I think it would be hard for the survivors, but I also would think that most would want to be just as defiant to the terrorist groups as the rest of us. Rebuilding it would be the best way to show our strength in addition to taking the appropriate acts of retribution.


I believe I still feel like crying sometimes when I think about it.

Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by Air-force-1 at 9/13/01 1:02:08 PM

Could someone build them today?

Absolutely...there are the Twin Towers that were just built in Kuala Limpur that were built not too long ago-they are the tallest buildings in the world. There have been plans for sometime now to build the tallest building in the world in Chicago. There is definitely the means out there to achieve such a task, and I don't think that there has ever been a better time to bring forth the ability to do so.

I agree 100% with you on the reason to rebuild the towers.

Thanks for your opinion,
Take care,

Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by Josh at 9/13/01 1:46:24 PM



Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 9/13/01 4:27:27 PM

I personally doubt they will be rebuilt for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is the sheer economics of rebuilding may not make sense. I can only imagine what a replacement would cost today.

On a lesser note I think people would be really hesistant to work in the buildings. I certainly would not set-up office there.

I also wonder if the site will not be turned into a memorial for those who died.

I would not be surprised if they do not rebuild the surrounding buildings that have collapsed. Right now are we up to six buildings, maybe seven that are gone or partially collapsed. I am just waiting to hear reports that the Amercican Express building has fallen.

One thing I've learned from this incident is high-rise buildings are potential death traps. Sure commercial planes don't crash into them on a regular basis, but what about a bad fire.

If you've read about the WTC then you've probably read that the building collapsed because of the heat of the fire. According to one of the engineers that was interviewed the steel begins to melt under intense heat like a fire after an hour or so.


Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by PINK FLOYD FANATIC at 9/13/01 7:24:17 PM

Before we start rebuilding we have to make sure that Satin's brother Bin Laden is DEAD but they have insureance to cover to rebuiding of the twin towers! I saw this in the paper today!

Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by Timber-Rider at 9/14/01 9:25:27 PM

I don't see the city of New York rebuilding any kind
of towers or buildings at the site of the world Trade
Center complex.

I think there will most likely be a Oklahoma City-like
Memorial built in it's place. Something to remind us
all of what was once there, and a needed memory of
the thousands of people who obviously died there.

Something with a scaled replica of the towers, with
garden like grounds, displaying the names of all those
who lost their lives there. A peaceful place, where
the citizens of New York, and the nation can go to
remember the worst day in American History.

I also believe their should be a second memorial on
the site, to commend the thousands of fire fighters,
police officers, and rescue workers, and all who
helped with the ongoing rescue effort. And, to all
American people for standing up, and being brave
during all the chaos.

Timber Rider

Re: I say build four! by CoasterFanatic CoasterFanatic Profile at 9/14/01 10:10:59 PM

You want to send a message that we can come back stronger than ever? Build 4 of them towers, higher than ever!

Of course have a memorial to the victims but there is to be no doubt that we can and will overcome this and to show that America is not a building but a belief of opertunity for all!


Re: I say build four! by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 9/15/01 7:40:27 PM

I think the better question is would you be willing to work in the new towers? I would not.

I am hesistant to work in any tower because I am afraid of heights if you can believe that. But when it comes to coaster riding or walking up a lift hill I have no problems with doing that. It is so strange.


Re: Poll: Will The Twin Towers Be Rebuilt??? by junebugg junebugg Profile at 10/5/01 3:08:27 AM

I don't believe the Twin Towers will be rebuilt and replicated BUT I do believe that they will build some other office buildings in that area. The sheer cost of rebuilding the towers would be too high and as Eric said below, people would probaby be reluctant to work so high in an office space.

Aso, keep in mind that the Twin Towers not only need to be rebuilt but the ENTIRE WTC Complex (which I believe was comprised of 7 buildings) needs rebuilding.

If they do rebuild, they have to be very careful as to the approach of its new design. They need to look at things like structural integrity of the new buildings to construction of a memorial on the site to honor the loved ones lost. The new buildings and memorial have to be integrated properly.

The Manhattan Skyline will reign supreme again eventually. As to when and how it will look...we shall see!

- junebugg