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A Prayer Invitation

Posted: 9/12/01 at 3:11:30 AM
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I know a lot of you hold angry feelings about what happened Tuesday on the eastern seaboard. I invite you not to act or voice out in anger, but in prayer. Bad words do no more than fog windows, and hurt people. Bad perceptions of people lead to events such as these. There are scores of people who do not like the United States, and hear bad things about us. We hear bad things about them. Who is to know what is heard is for real? The best thing we can do is pray. I invite you to pray with me. I am in no way pushing my religeous beliefs on others. If you don't believe in God, great. I admire those with strong beliefs. But bad words will not help. Vent your anger in prayer. Pray for the discontinuation of terrorist activity, Pray for world peace. Pray for President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and other world leaders. Pray that they might be bestowed with the knowledge and courage it takes to bring the hate of the world to an end. Thank you.

"Ye thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou are with me, Oh God!"