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To all our friends in the US

Posted: 9/11/01 at 12:45:24 PM
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I'm sure all my friends on the europe board will join with me in expressing my condemnation of the appalling attacks on your country today, and to hope and pray that none of you suffered any personal tragedies.
We really must live in dreadful times when hellish actions like this can be allowed to happen.
Wishing you peace always.

Re: To all our friends in the US by Pete at 9/11/01 1:37:51 PM

I second that to what Fraser has said this has come as a complete and utter shock.

My heart goes out to you all.


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Re: To all our friends in the US by Thorpe UK at 9/11/01 1:39:56 PM

Im with you here. Everything that has gone on today is so devestating, and so hard hitting

My thoughts go to all the victims of the worst tragedy I can recall. Im thinking for you in my heart

Nigel B

Re: To all our friends in the US by Andy Simpson at 9/11/01 2:14:11 PM

This is a devestating day and I cannot speak words that can express my sorrow enough for you all and I also, like Fraser and the rest of us I'm sure, hope that none of you suffered any personal tragedies and that all is well.

This is a shocking day for not only America, but for the world. Peace to you all.


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Re: To all our friends in the US by CoasterFanatic CoasterFanatic Profile at 9/11/01 2:33:26 PM

Thank you too all worldwide concerns! This is devistating to us, America the Invincible has once again been humbled.

Time to put a end to terrorism once and for all and I call on all govt's to activly search out these perpetrators and bring them to justice.


Re: To all our friends in the US by Pantera Psycho at 9/11/01 4:24:37 PM

My heart goes out to all along the east coast, thanks for the concern from all our European friends, here in Illinois we're just fine, even though I've heard the city of Chicago's like a ghost town now, the security's been so heightened, glad nothing happened there yet. Right now all I can think about is those sick bastards wherever that celebration is, those people should be horribly tortured (not killed, I'm not playing their game, it's too low for me), that's just plain sickening that ANYONE could condone that kind of violence, it's terrible how so many innocent people died, and anyone that condones that is no longer innocent. I really hope President Bush can come up with something more rational than what I want to do to those losers, this his chance to prove himself, oh well, we'll see what happens, although when you mess with the US, you usually wind up six feet underground.

Re: To all our friends in the US by Pantera Psycho at 9/11/01 4:25:06 PM

Sorry about my language in that last post, but this just really sickens me.

Re: To all our friends in the US by keel_brent at 9/12/01 2:46:09 AM

Thank you to all of the support from other contries. Now is the time for we as a civilized race to give support to others. Now is not the time for our emotions to be expressed in a negative manner. Just pray for those who may have lost loved ones, or who may still be in the rubble of the trade center. Pointing fingers is just dumb at a time like this. There isn't anything we can do. The US and UN have trained for this. Pray for them. If you don't pray, wish. If you don't wish, hope. The worst of the worst has occured. If there is a God, and I believe that there is, he would not want you to point your anger at others, but use your energy in a positive way, to help. Give blood, pray for these victims, and for peace in a time of war. We are at war, not just the US, but all free countries all over the world. It's times like these where we need to put aside our differences, and see, as a human race, what we can do, be it little or big, to help in the movement towards world peace, not world war. I do agree that aggression may be the most effective way to diffuse this situation, but posting hate against others is no better of an act than what has occured. Pray, don't curse.

Re: To all our friends in the US by rollergator at 9/12/01 2:30:45 PM

Thanks to those in Europe, and throughout the world, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Ignorance and hatred fuel the actions of the few who would perpetrate such actions. Peace, love, and mutual respect are the ONLY way out. I would like to see those responsible for organizing this mass destruction brought to justice as much as anyone. But it's important to remember that without understanding and compassion, the future will only bring more of the same....

Re: To all our friends in the US by BReNt at 9/12/01 6:39:30 PM

Thank you so much,it's so great to see all you people from different countries be this nice tous. I have heard they have arrested many people that were involved earlier,which is good.But I really agree with Pantera Psycho,I don't mean to brag,but it's true if you mess with the US your dead. As for where I live,Chicago,many kids at my High School were worried they would come after the Sears Tower,which I think is very possible that the Plane that crashed in PA could of been on it's way there( I heard an update the plane in PA crashed because some very smart people attacked the Terrorists,who were only equipped with hard plastic knifes).I wanted Gore to win the election,but I might gain some respect for Bush if he makes the right decisions.

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Re: To all our friends in the US by MetaliCoaster at 9/12/01 6:47:37 PM

Okay, I know God doesn't want us to point our anger at anyone BUT Osama Bin Laden deserves to die, whether he did this or not.. well we are only (90% sure as of the last time I checked) but still he has done stuff to us before and letting him and the countries that support him get away with it is just placing a big "kick me" sign on America........ Should they be tortured? No, I don't think so. First off "cruel and unusual punishment" is unconstitutional, second, if we did that we are no better than them, yes, they deserve to die, yes, all those that condone those senseless acts of violence deserve to die, but I'm sure many of them will, very soon, and just try to leave it up to God and not try to be so angry with them, whether you belive in God or not

We're all the same. It takes an event like this sometimes. by KJWilliams at 9/12/01 9:24:44 PM

Not that I pray for stuff like to happen, but it seems that we plead our differences to our own undoing most of the time. What brings us to the boards most of the time is our love for rollercoasters, machines of fun. Recent events have reminded us that there is more than just our interests which bind us.
Yes, I do believe in God. With my whole person I see that niether I nor anyone else can ever be big enough to absorb the horror and render comfort on such a large scale. We can put the proverbial arm around each other, or in a lot of cases an arm out for the blood bank. We can say nice words and affect the psyche of our nations. If I could say anything benficial here it would be: look at the person next to you or the person in the next country and remind yourself, "That person is really just like me." Their ideas may differ. Their genetics (at least at our current level of technology) vary from my own. But they feel pain the same, and everyone wants to live a nice life.
Somewhere along the way respect for human life gets pushed aside by ambitions which leave no room for con-sideration of others. In the days to come, we should all see where can help to heal our anger, resentment, and look at each other with a new realization. Just my 2 cents.

Re: To all our friends in the US by Pantera Psycho at 9/12/01 9:42:50 PM

Brent's right, it hits home MUCH more when there's something close by that may become the next target.

Re: To all our friends in the US by THE BEASTmaster at 9/13/01 11:38:13 AM

I'm sure I speak on behalf of all Americans. I just want to say that it is heart warming to see other countries like England and Austrailia sending their condolences to us. We (Americans) thank you during our time of sadness.

Bill, who is proud to be an American and showing these terrorist cowards that the U.S.A isn't afraid of them!

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Re: To all our friends in the US by Graeme Graeme Profile at 9/13/01 1:46:32 PM

I echo your sentiments, Fraser.

This atrocity completely shocked me, like everyone, and I offer my condolences to the US and extreme admiration for the emergency services and everyone who helped out. Real heroes.