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Current movies?

Coaster Zeke
Posted: 9/11/01 at 2:19:54 AM
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I'm not a big movie buff & I don't know actors names or anything unless they are real wee known. I just don't get into that however, I like to just go to the theater about twice a month. I usually will pick a move that looks interesting. Some times it turns out to be a good movie & sometimes it turns out to be ( Dude Where's my Car) for intance. God, that was the most retarded show I've ever seen.

This past weekend, I went to see "The Others" & I must say I'd give this one a four star rating. It didn't seem that way at first though. About a quarter of the way through the movie I was saying to myself.....Gee, this movie is F-ed up, but I really was getting into it as time went on & then the ending which I will not give away. I've seen movies dealing with the paranormal before, but Wow!, this one approached it from a whole new angle. Some real imagination went into this one.

What current movies would you rate high? Somehow, I think Rat Race looks good.

Coaster Zeke

Re: Current movies? by Pantera Psycho at 9/11/01 4:19:08 PM

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was a good movie, still have to see Rock Star though, Zakk Wylde and Nick from Black Label Society are in it.