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Your worst travel nighmares?

Coaster Zeke
Posted: 9/10/01 at 3:02:35 AM
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What, if any iconveniences have you ever experienced while traveling? I have usually have had smooth trips, but I have heard many oters talk about real travel problems with the airlines especially. The only time I encountered flight delays & cancellations was last year while returning from Ohio on my Cedar Point trip, but I was on my way back & on no real deadline, so I didn't mind. I just spent my time at the airport bar, although those drinks can get mighty expensive.

I have had to deal with those Sandusky taxi cab drivers though. Rather than picking up one or two people & getting them to their destinations before picking up others, the Sandusky cab drivers sort of have what we might call an accumulator method. Just how many persons can fit in a van before they have to let someone off. Sandusky basically has three cab services. first, there's the main one called City Cab. Just don't feel in a big hurry to get anywhere when you climb on board though. Then there's another one which is a one person operation. He's Mr. Roadrage though. he'll be cussing about the stupidity of other drivers, but he will get you where you're going. Then, there's a buddy of the guy who runs though Greyhound bus depot. he's not a licensed cab driver, but claims to be. He'll take you to your hotel, but he'll refuse to take you out to CP & why you ask? A fellow who works for City Cab told us that the guy has been banned from the premisis by CP.

I'd probably have to say though that the most enconvenienced I ever was on a trip was one time some time ago while traveling back to WI from Florida. I was on a big DC9 or something from Tampa to St. Louis, but from there had to take one of those little puddle jumpers to WI. Later in that flight I sort of had to use the facility, but didn't want to go back there unless absolutely neccessary. This sort of gets back to my luxury liner post, but only dealing with a plane this time. A bit later, I really had to go, so I got up & started heading back there, but just then, the seatbelt light came on & it was announced that we were going to begin our descent. The flight attendant told me everybody had to be seated & that goes without saying. As soon as I saw the light come on, the last place I wanted to be was back in the John.

So, I just waited as we made our descent for landing & was in rather agonizing shape by that time. Just then, it was announced that there was too much fog & that they'd have to wait for clearance for landing. This was not what I wanted to hear, but by the same token, I didn't want that dude trying to land if it wasn't safe to do so. I'm pretty sold on life. The people I was sitting next to....a mother & her daughter were aware of my delema & the lady kept asking me how I was doing which I found kind of irritating, but ofcourse she was just trying to be helpful I guess. Finally though we landed & safely too which is the main thing, but that was one of my most unpleasant experiences traveling.

Coaster Zeke

Re: Your worst travel nighmares? by Pantera Psycho at 9/10/01 9:16:52 PM

1 word, grandpa.