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Least favorite bands/singers

Pantera Psycho
Posted: 9/6/01 at 11:01:31 PM
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This board just reeks of positivity and happiness, and it makes me SICK(j/k)! Well, just wanna know, lots of which are your favorite bands or whatnot, and only a few posts for least favorite, so let's hear your least favorite band! For me:

Linkin Park (worst band in the world, no respect for any of them)
Papa Roach
Crazytown (thank you Zakk Wylde!)
Backstreet Boys
Mariah Carey (good voice, but an annoying brat)
Jennifer Lopez (see Mariah Carey minus the good voice)
Brittany Spears (you think people buy her music because of the actual music?)
Christina Aguleria
Mandy Moore
any other of those cookie cutter girlie teeny pop stars
Aaron Carter
Staind (what happened to them?)
E-Town Concrete
any other boy band
Kiss (all show, no music)
Union Underground
Boy Hits Car (man his voice is annoying)
Six Feet Under
Cannibal Corpse
Morbid Angel
The Crown

Well, I'll end it there, the list is getting long, and although there's a lot more I wanna get out, I'll just stop there, sorry if I listed your favorite band, that's all just my opinion.

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Memphomaniac at 9/6/01 11:53:44 PM

Hey, we pretty much have the same list :)
except I kinda like Kiss (yes, I like the show even though their music is pretty weak)

But to add to the list of my least favorite....anyone,anything or any band that plays, sings or performs country music.
Country music is the absolute worst, bottom of the barrel it can me anyways.

peace :)

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Re: Least favorite bands/singers by BReNt at 9/7/01 5:58:20 PM

Matt,or Pantera Psycho,or Fannypack man,or whatever you want to be called

I agree with your list except Morbid Angel,Godsmack,and Kiss are good. Here are some of my least favorites:

Linkin Park: These guys are a complete rip off of Limp Bizkit and other Rap Metal and the sad part is that they got popular,and people call it metal when it's not.

Drowning Pool: A very pointless band with pointless lyrics. Same as Linkin Park,not really metal.

Cannibal Corpse: A band that takes it too far and are digusting with no talent.

Any Rap or Pop Group

Take it Easy


Re: Least favorite bands/singers by SFA Dave at 9/7/01 8:22:08 PM

anyone on the MTV VMA's last nite


Re: Least favorite bands/singers by LONNOL at 9/8/01 12:57:12 AM

Most anything on MTV really covers things, there are a few exceptions like U2 (who have really whored themselves out on this last album), but the station which once bucked the mainstream now is simply schlock music's best tool.

who thinks Spears' videos are great!- on mute

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Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Pantera Psycho at 9/8/01 2:01:34 AM

Fannypack man?

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Rufus at 9/9/01 2:23:21 PM

Linkin Park, Papa roach, godsmack, metallica, butthole surfers.


Re: Least favorite bands/singers by d n s u at 9/9/01 4:20:58 PM

P. Psycho,
you asked what happened to Stained???....their album "Break the Cycle" is no. 4 in UK album charts this put it into some sort of perspective though, Bob the Builder went straight into our single charts at no. 1 today with Mambo no. 5

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by BReNt at 9/9/01 8:04:43 PM

Hey,he wasn't saying what happened to Staind,he was simply stating "what happened to them" as in their music. Dysfuction was a heavy, well done album but I think after The Outside became so successful the whole band was possessed by the success and decided to make a whole bunch of their songs acoustic and slow,which I myself believe is ridiculous. Nothings wrong with trying to get exposure and getting more fans,but Staind I think took it too far.

Take it easy


Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Pantera Psycho at 9/10/01 12:41:13 AM

Brent pretty much summed it up, it's fine if they want to reach out to more fans, I don't plan on buying it myself though. I know they're absolutely huge right now, but songs like Mudshovel were ones I wanted more of.

As for Brent, you still didn't answer my fannypack man question there son.

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by KyleMackey at 9/10/01 6:02:26 PM

Morbid Angel is good. I cant have them on a dislike list. Cannibal Corpse, they are pretty pointless.

I hate anyone that sells their soul to MTV. DIE MTV DIE!

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Johnny Mnemonic at 9/10/01 7:34:37 PM

I dislike most mainstream anything. I usually like movie sountracks and underground electronic music. I will say that I DO like Mariah Carey, mostly because everyone else hates her. I don't follow what's "cool" to like or what's "cool" to dislike.

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Pantera Psycho at 9/10/01 9:18:42 PM

Doesn't matter for me really if it's cool or if it's cool to like or dislike, it's basically what hits my nerve.

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Memphomaniac at 9/10/01 11:39:57 PM

"I hate anyone that sells their soul to MTV. DIE MTV DIE!"

and to add to that, in the words of the late great Bill Hicks.....
"You do a commercial, you're off the Artistic Roll Call....Forever..end of story. You're another corporate schill, you're another whore at the capitalist gangbang, and if you do a commercial there's a price on your head, everything you say is suspect and every word that comes out of your mouth is now like a turd falling into my drink."

peace :)

Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Johnny Mnemonic at 9/11/01 12:28:35 AM


N'sync by coasters4life at 9/11/01 8:26:55 AM

I think the number one spot in this category goes to N'sync.

Pantera Psycho.... What's so bad with Linkin Park?


Re: Least favorite bands/singers by Jersey Joe at 9/14/01 11:01:04 AM

RAP CRAP - most of it sucks. You rarely see me use that term, but RAP IS CRAP.

Britney Spears - pretty girl - good dancer - all flash - no substance. period.

Macy Gray - WHERE THE HELL DID SHE COME FROM AND WHY?!!!!!! She's like Betty Boop meets Tina Turner. YUCK! Did you see her dress advertising that her new album drops on Sept 24 (I think) on the MTV music awards? It should drop right into the ocean.

Any of the groups out there that just scream at the top of their lungs.

Marilyn Manson - don't even know what to say!

Yoko Ono - thankfully, she's not recording anymore (I HOPE!)

There are others, but those are the first ones that come to mind.