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HW TR 8/26

Posted: 9/6/01 at 5:47:36 PM
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I didnít get to HW till about 3:30p.m. and was lucky to have clear sky for the time being. I paid my money to get in and asked if Paula Werne was around. I just wanted to say high and introduce myself. Well, the guy there informed me that it was her day off but I didnít quite understand. Day off? Why would anybody want a day off when they could go to work at Holiday World? So I figured some family emergency must have come up and the dude just didnít want to inform about her personal life. That I could understand, but a day off? No way.

Anyway, I hit the Raven first seat for my first ride of the day. WOW, what a ride. This is another coaster that is just fine being short. After this and Cornball, I have been hitting some awesome short woods lately. Went right back around and rode in the last seat. After this ride, I did something that I try not to do. I judged a coaster I had never ridden. I figured that all those people that claim Legend is better than Raven, just like it because it is longer, faster, taller, or whatever. I thought that the people that like Raven better probably are right, because how could something be better than this. I actually considered getting a couple more rides in before heading to Legend, but I decided against that and started down the path to Legend.

When I first go there, I noticed that the line was a bit longer than on Raven(Raven had no line, so any line would have been longer) and for a moment considered going back to Raven. Man, how pickey have I gotten where a line for a world class coaster is going to take only about 15 minutes and I consider not riding it. DUH. So my brains finally wake up and I get in line. While there, I was just amazed at how this thing is built. The amount of lumber that was used is just unbelievable. The day I ever find a wood coaster structure boring to look at, is the day I stop being a coaster fan. Then, the coaster came up to view, dropped under the log flume, and flew around a couple turns before finally slamming to a halt on the break run. Man, this thing flies all the way to the station. I hope they never run two trains on this coaster. God forbid a S:ROS type failure on this thing with a loaded train in the station would be a very bad thing. Do they ever, or have they ever ran two trains on this? Anyway, the next thing I was thinking about, is what exactly did the Chilly one do to break that bell? Not that we will ever know how he did it, but it must have been well thought out. Then I finally got to ride the thing. Back seat, right hand side. This coaster really delivers an intense ride from beginning to end. This is possible the best coaster I have ever been on and easily pulls in a 5* on my ranking system. I still call the Beast my favorite coaster, but this comes in a not so far back second. I now also realize those people that actually like the Raven better are just, well, wrongJ. I then went back and got a front seat ride. On both the coasters, I donít think I like the front or the back better, they were both just awesome. These coasters are just masterpieces IMO.

After the Legend I wanted to ride the Flyers. On the way I saw the Tilt-A-Whirl and wanted to ride but it had a fairly long line. This time I decided to skip it not because it was to long, but because I was by myself. I figured if I wait in line, somebody will have to wait a little longer to ride just because of me. So I just figured I would hit it in a little bit.

Made my way up to the Fliers and had to wait one time. These are always fun to ride anywhere. Not much to say about them other then the fact that one day somebody will have to teach me how to make these things SNAP. I didnít really even try, I just tried to turn myself around backwards.

From here I did the bumper cars. They were fun, but itís always more fun if you have somebody you know.

After this, the storm of storms blew in and they closed the park.

The End.

Actually that is not 100% truthful. They did close about all the rides, so I took the time to go through the Toy Museum. After that the skies turned extremely dark and lightning picked up a lot so I figured I would go ahead and leave this great place with only a few rides under my belt. I would have loved to wait out the storm, but I had a long drive to Chicago ahead of me and had to get up early the next morning. So sadly, I left.