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Solo Travel

Posted: 9/6/01 at 3:35:13 PM
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Hi! I was just curious about everyone's opinion on taking trips solo. I just got back from a four day solo trip to WDW and had a blast. Just curious if anyone else has ever taken a lengthy (or not so lengthy) solo trip?

Re: Solo Travel by BGW at 9/6/01 5:44:36 PM

Unfortunatly, most all of my trips are solo trips. I would much rather have someone there with me, but I do not mind having to go by myself. Maybe if all my trips where with family members, I might find myself wishing for a solo trip. One thing I do like about going by myself, not having to do anything when everybody else wants to. I find it easier to get many more rides in when by yourself.


I believe HW, Big Chiefs and MA solo tr's to follow soon.

Traveling alone by EBL at 9/6/01 8:36:19 PM

I do very well by myself. Why? Because I can move at my own pace, not have to listen to whiners, and can do what I want to do.


Re: Solo Travel by Memphomaniac at 9/7/01 12:09:17 AM

I usually make several solo trips to Kings Island every year and always have a blast. 486 miles from my driveway to PKI's front gate. Been four times so far this year, dunno if I'll make it back again or not though (this year anyways)

peace :)

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Re: Solo Travel by Jet-Star at 9/7/01 9:00:18 PM

Most all my trips are made solo. The longest solo
trip I went on was back in 1996, when I went to Hong
Kong. I don't know if it would really be considered
as solo, because I went to Hong Kong to meet a pen
pal, who I hung out with throughout most of my stay.
My flight to and from, however, was solo. Whenever I
go to theme parks, I find it much more fun when I
take a friend along. Otherwise, I don't mind traveling
solo. I sometimes make new friends when I travel solo,
especially when I travel a great distance.

Re: Solo Travel by THE BEASTmaster at 9/7/01 10:33:41 PM

I've done one solo trip. That was to SRM at Holiday World this year. Also hit SFKK too on my way back home. At the end of this month I'm going to Cedar Point alone.

Next year, I'm going to SRM 2002, SFStL, and WoF all on one trip. I'm not sure what other solo trips I'll do, but I hope I can do more. Thinking about going to Fla. for BGT again, IoA, Sea World of Orlando, and maybe WDW for another solo trip.

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Re: Solo Travel by Coaster Zeke at 9/8/01 3:32:41 PM

Oh yeah, esoecially if live in tractor country. Being a coaster enthusiast where I live is about like being a skiing enthusiast in Florida. Regardless of how many other activities I take interest in, what others say is always the same........"Why can't you get some other interests?" In fact, you don't ever want to refer to yourself as a coaster enthusiast.

Going on trips solo is the only way for me to go. I can be on my own schedule, if I want to go to a theme park every day I'm on vacation, I can. What about being alone though, well, that really doesn't pose a problem for me because you're not really alone. Let's say you go to a theme park & get in line for a coaster or thrillride, if you're like me, you stike up conversations with others. Before you know it,you're comparing coaster ridindg experiences. Besides, I always can share my experiences with others when I get back especially if I do something extreme. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of telling people about & showing people my Skycoaster videos. Sure, they think I'm freakin bonkers, but it's an ice breaker when meeting new people.

I'm traveling alone to Florida in November & I've done that several times. My solo trip to CP last year was an interesting experience. If you've ever been to Sandusky & have put your faith in public transportation to get you around you'd know what I'm talking about. If CP lures me out there one more time & I do feel that could happen next year, I'll stay at Breakers regardless of the cost. I've had it with those so-called taxi cab drivers. Also, if you come in to Sandusky on Greyhound, call a cab even though you may be riding around for a while because the bus depot has a guy who poses as a cab driver & he is not a licensed cab driver, moreover, CP has banned him from the premisis. I don't think he's dangerous or anything, but I'd be careful of someone who's up on as many DOT violation charges as he is. The cab drivers in Sandusky are primarily African Americans from a run down part of town, but they are really friendly & fun to talk to. They are great guys, but they honest to God, don't know how a taxi cab service is supposed to work.

Coaster Zeke