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The difference between a regular bus & a luxury liner:

Coaster Zeke
Posted: 9/5/01 at 11:57:41 PM
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What's the difference between a rugular bus & a luxury liner? Well, the answer is this: It it came staight from a tour bus driver way back in high school on our senior class trip too SFGAM & the Milwaukee Zoo. He said the difference is that a luxury liner has a Schitter in the back & a regular bus does not. Well, it was a good thing we had a luxury liner as it turned out & even better that we visited GA the first day as opposed to the second because the morning of day two we stoped for breakfast at a restaurant that well, let's just say has been at the mercy of some in the comedy business. No need to rip on a restauant chain though. Fortunately, I didn't have breakfast, but some did & Oh Boy! or OH girl whatever the case may be. Now I'm not gonna elaborate, but it as like something Roy D. Mercer would use as a story line. Let me just say you just didn't want to go anywheres near the back of the bus.

Anyway, on my first rip to Florida, my brother & I took a tour bus. It ended up being a bus load of senior citizens & then there was us two & surprisingly, what we figured was gonna be a boring time was not, but just the same, I've become a big fan of flying & it's the way to travel. Why travel for two days many cases, you can make the same trip in two hours? Anyway, here's another thought I had: If you've ever taken one of these tour bus trips, have you ever noticed that the bus is never parked in the same place as the driver parks it when you go to oh let's say Disney World. Where does it go, well, I've figured it out. I believe that the driver & the escort take the bus somewhere to empty out the facility. maybe this can account for their sometimes grumpy attitude.....I mean....ya gotta figure there's more getting their goat than several retired school cooks not wanting to play Bingo.

& now for a few word of advice on this & related topics:

1# If traveling on a tour bus or Greyhound for that matter, if you must use the facility, don't ever do so as you are either entering or leaving a major city. Stop & go taffic. again, no need to elaborate, we all had physics class.

2# it's advisable not to take a fiber supplement in the morning if you're gonna be in a wedding later that day.

Oh well, I could go on, but I believe this is enough for now!

Coaster Zeke

Re: The difference between a regular bus & a luxury liner: by Pantera Psycho at 9/6/01 11:05:23 PM

I just don't drop off any of my little backside friends when on any of the luxury buses, they make the place smell anyway, then again, maybe I'm just too polite (yeah, right).