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Styx fans?

Posted: 9/5/01 at 7:56:22 PM
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Are there any Styx fans out there?

Although I am a college student surrounded by today's mix of one-hit wonders and fads such as rap groups, teeny-boppers and the boy bands, I find Styx to be one of the greatest musical groups I have ever heard.

What is your favorite Styx song? We all know about Mr. Roboto and Come Sail Away. Any others?

Let me know what you think,
T. Allen

Re: Styx fans? by coastin'curt at 9/6/01 8:41:23 AM

I saw STYX live on the "Kilroy was here" tour, and it was one hell of a show! Some of my favorites include:
Rockin' the Paradise, Too much time on my hands, Come sail away, Snowblind, and Renegade. DeYoung and Shaw had so many great tunes it's impossible to expect a gift of music like they contributed, from the likes of Ms. Spears and her American top 40 cohorts. My girlfriend in college was a fan also. She got me into Supertramp, The Alan Parsons Project, Styx, and a whole host of eclectic bands from Europe. Some of these bands like Bow Wow Wow were mis-classed in America as "punk" or "techno-pop". Styx was on the cutting edge of talent for a rock band of their time. I'm glad to see that the the torch for bands like these are still being carried by the new generations, who are discovering the classics for the very first time. The Paradise theatre rocks again thanx to you!
-Coastin' Curt-

Re: Styx fans? by Memphomaniac at 9/6/01 11:56:37 PM

Styx was one of the first concerts I ever went to. Seen them on the Grand Illusion tour. Man they were awesome!
Crystal Ball live was amazing!

peace :)

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Re: Styx fans? by d n s u at 9/9/01 4:24:56 PM

I saw them at Wembley in 1984 (Paradise Theatre Tour)....I loved Too much time on my hands and Babe..