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Favorite game show

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 9/5/01 at 5:23:07 PM
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Do you like game shows? If so what is your favorite. I have loved Jeopardy for years and like the newer triva game shows like "Weakest Link" and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". I like the rapid fire questions on Weakest Link better than the multiple choice questions on Millionaire. Sometimes contestants take way too long to come up with the answer.

Re: Favorite game show by tea3mono at 9/5/01 6:59:18 PM

Watching game shows is one of my other great hobbies besides RCT and riding coasters! I enjoy both Millionaire and Weakest Link myself, but I seem to enjoy more classic game shows like The Price Is Right and Family Feud better. BTW my most watched channel is Game Show Network, where I can see the (blanking) hilarious Match Game, $100k Pyramid, and, just re-aired, one of my all time favorites, Press Your Luck (Big Bucks! No Whammies!). However I can not name my very favorite game show, there's just so many I love!

Game shows forever, reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother never!

tea3mono as in MONORAILS!

Re: Favorite game show by Pantera Psycho at 9/5/01 7:43:10 PM

I always get into shows like that, mainly because for the longest time I've been trying to know everything before everyone else, at first it'd be rare for me to get stuff before everyone else, but these days it happens a lot more, and with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and stuff like that, I always see how far I'd go, and now I'm realizing that maybe I could get some money on these shows, since I can usually go just as far as any of the contestants. They usually can entertain me for a while though.

Re: Favorite game show by CoasterCrazy at 9/5/01 9:36:43 PM

My all time fave is The Price is Right,

The Weakest Link is my second fave!!

Re: Favorite game show by coasters4life at 9/5/01 10:36:18 PM

Great topic Raptor Timmy. When I was a kid, I used to spend a lot time over at my grandma's house. During those days we'd always watch all those game shows and I enjoyed them just as much as she did.

My all time favorites are Let's Make a Deal, $25,000 Pyramid, Price is Right, and Wheel of Fortune. Also... Who can forget the foolish Gong show? That was definately one of my favorites.

Today, I still enjoy the Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. When I have time, I also enjoy watching Weakest Link and Blind Date if you even consider that a game show.

Take Care,

Re: Favorite game show by Brad Brad Profile at 9/6/01 3:15:12 PM

My all time favorite is "The Price is Right", nothing will every top it. But "Weakest Link" is making it's way up my list very fast. I get so involved in Weakest link that I have been known to yell at the TV :-). Matchgame is also very funny.

Re: Favorite game show by Mandy at 9/6/01 3:33:23 PM

Press Your Luck
Price is Right
Classic Concentration
High Rollers
Newlywed Game

That's just my top five, but I have yet to find a game show that I wouldn't watch...


My favorite game shows by EBL at 9/6/01 8:39:45 PM

In no particular order...

Weakest Link
Let's Make a Deal (recently returned to Game Show Network)
Family Feud
Debt (wonder where it went?)

I'll have to think of more later...


Re: My favorite game shows by Fraser Fraser Profile at 9/7/01 1:31:41 PM

The Weakest Link.
I went to see it being filmed a few weeks back (here in London). La Robbo is a real cow - which is fantastic.
I wasn't sure whether our strange British sense of disciplinarian humour would work in the U.S but judging by your comments it would seem to go down fine.

Weakest Link by EBL at 9/7/01 4:02:17 PM

They tape it here in Southern California---Burbank, to be exact. Not far (50 miles) from me, so I'll have to go watch a taping sometime.

Anne Robinson is the perfect host for that show, and she's the main reason I watch. She can be mean, but some of the contestants ask for it.