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Favorite non-amusement park haunted house

Posted: 9/5/01 at 12:47:09 PM
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Any one here like going to haunted houses during the Halloween season? What are the coolest ones in your hometown? Mine would be the Night of Fright outside of Cincinnati. It was a scary one. Sadly it is no longer running because a fire destroyed the attraction.
Another one was a huanted cave outside of Dayton, Ohio. It was a really good one.

Bill Yost

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Re: Favorite non-amusement park haunted house by Pantera Psycho at 9/8/01 2:04:37 AM

I don't know if anyone's been to Rockome Gardens, but that place had a good haunted house, some would consider it a park though, even though it doesn't have a single ride.

Also, in Naperville, where I live when not in school, in October a place called Centennial Beach (which has been in the news a couple times this summer) turns into a haunted house (well, the locker rooms and a few other rooms), and that's pretty cool.