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Thoughts On 12/12/12 Sandy Relief Concert

Posted: 12/13/12 at 9:30:09 AM
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I spent six hours in a movie theater last night watching the concert from Madison Square Garden. Anyone else on here see or hear it? A few thoughts follow:

6 hours? That's the longest I've sat in a movie theater since the mid-late 80's!

Half a great set by Bruce. My City Of Ruins and Born To Run? Very nice. The two openers? Not so much.

Half a great set by the Who. Pinball Wizard, Baba O'Riley, See Me Feel Me...terrific. The rest..not so much . And Keith's dead since what? 1978? 1979? He was your mate, he was a wonderful character, he may have been rock's greatest drummer. But let's move on.

McCartney? Disappointed. Maybe it's my hearing, but I didn't recognize one song he did, save for Live And Let Die.

Bon Jovi is a ROCK STAR. Bruce Springsteen is a rock star. Seeing them perform side by side illustrates the difference. Who Says You Can't Go Home was the closest the pride of Sayreville came to entertaining me.

I'm glad Kanye West is comfortable enough with his masculinity to wear a leather skirt in front of over a billion people. Kim must be so proud. But it was near torture to listen to that garbage for the amount of time they gave him.

Speaking of time, TWO songs for the Rolling Stones? I'm not a fan, but come's the (bleeping) STONES!! Did they have a plane to catch?

I actually thought the evening's best set was Billy Joel's.

Biggest surprise: Again, not a fan, but I actually enjoyed Clapton's set.

Note to McCartney's drummer. All the mugging and fake theatrics in the world doesn't change the fact you're backing a Beatle. You'll never be the center of attention. Get over yourself.

Paul with the remaining 2/3 of Nirvana? One song? Really? I was afraid Dave Grohl would hurt himself the way he attacked the drums. And I didn't need the shots of the crack of his you-know-what...reminded me the old Saturday Night Live skit with Todd and Lisa and Aykroyd's refrigerator repairman.

Eddie Vedder sounded fine singing with Waters on Comfortably Numb, but who was the other guy who sang on Money and Us and Them? HE was very good!

Why no big all-star finale with all performers? Must have been way past their bed-times. And middle aged white men simply can't look cool waving their arms in the air.

The State Farm spot with the little schoolchildren talking about the roller coaster in the ocean made me cry.

And when did Roger Daltrey become an Oompa-Loompa? The man was ORANGE!!! I think he's been hanging around with that New Jersey Tanning Lady in the news a while back...


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