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Site help: getting unwanted email updates

Posted: 5/15/12 at 7:20:06 PM
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When I first, I selected to receive forum emails. After my inbox got flooded, I unselected the option in my account settings. Alas, the emails still come.

Anyone have any ideas what the issue is, or if there's someone I need to contact to help with this?

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Re: Site help: getting unwanted email updates by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 5/23/12 10:24:42 AM
Email notice subscriptions are based on individual threads. The site wide preference is merely an option for the posting forum. It turns the checkbox on automatically to make posting faster, but you will continue to get to notices for threads you subscribed to in the past.

I will happily stop that if you want. Just tell me in a reply what threads (subject) you are getting emails from or just tell me to stop all.

I'm going to change this in the future to make it easier to unsubscribe.

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