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Rock Hall Inductees 2012

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

12/7/11 at
12:08:04 PM

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This is who's going into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame:

Beastie Boys
Guns 'n' Roses
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Laura Nyro
(Small) Faces

The only one I would completely agree with are the Beasties, despite the fact I stopped following them after the second album. They deserve entry based on Licensed To Ill alone.

G 'n' R I wouldn't argue with although I'm not/wasn't a fan.

Peppers and Faces are debatable, especially since two members of the latter (Stewart and Wood) are already enshrined.

Nyro and Donovan..don't think they're deserving.

Well, at least Joan Jett didn't get in, which I half expected to happen.

And Warren Zevon is NOT in? (shakes head sadly)


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