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Random Stuff

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

10/18/11 at
4:55:32 PM

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Just figured I'd use a defibrillator on this board..see if it's still alive after a month of inactivity.

After working few hours Saturday, I was jonesing for a pastrami sandwich. So I went to Irvings Deli in Livingston, NJ, and had a top five sandwich. Not lean, melt-in-your-mouth meat, fresh rye bread, and large but not monstrous (although I can eat monstrous if it's good meat) Bonus: Dozens of pictures of vintage Coney Island on the walls.

Charles Napier died last week. Character actor. Was a cop victimized by Hannibal Lecter in Silence Of The Lambs, played the judge in Philadelphia. Was given a lead role in a so-so 80's slasher flick, Night Stalker, no relation to the 70's ABC monster-of-the-week drama of the same name with Darren McGavin. For me, though, Napier will ALWAYS be Tucker McElroy, lead singer of the Good 'Ole Boys and driver of the Winnebago in my favorite movie, 1980's The Blues Brothers.

Anybody out here a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead? Maybe the best show on TV. This week's Season 2 premiere, well done, shocked even me with the ending. Looks like some new characters may be introduced next week. Maybe other established ones will drop out, seeing how little they were given to do in the premiere.

OK, I'm done...Food, movies, TV, roller coasters on the main forum...think I covered all the important stuff :)