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The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Any More


5/9/11 at
3:07:04 PM

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John Walker of the Walker Brothers fame died today 9th May 2011 at the age of 67 :-(

John Walker founded The Walker Brothers, the American trio which came to Britain in the 1960s and briefly rivalled in popularity The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Re: The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Any More by MABrider MABrider Profile at 5/9/11 10:03:06 PM

I remember that tune (of the thread title) by the Walker Bros.
Was a pretty big hit around here (Boston, MA area) back in the day.
It had a certain quality about it, it sounded more full, more...majestic, for lack of a better word.

Mike B.

Re: The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Any More by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 5/10/11 12:27:14 PM

Ahhh...Gary, Mike B. and Mike G...together again.

We're probably the only URC regulars who eyeball this board even semi-regularly. Others may occasionally, but it's a pretty exclusive club, and I'm proud to stand with you fine gentlemen.

Oh yeah, Dana Wynter died. She was the female lead in the original Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.

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