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Favorite Snack Foods By Brand

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

8/14/10 at
9:36:30 AM

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The recent death :( of Morrie Yohai, the man who invented the Cheez Doodle, got me to thinking about my favorite crunchy snacks. What's your favorite brand and type of each of the following?

Potato Chips
Cheese Curls
Corn Chips

Mine are as follows:

Pretzels..Utz Sourdough Specials

Potato Chips...Ruffles plain

Cheese Curls...Gibbles Cheez Puffys..(unfortunately, not available in Jersey..I pick 'em up in PA when I get there) For what I can get regularly, it's Cheetos Crunchy.

Popcorn..Wise butter flavor

Corn Chips..Dipsy Doodles

Peanuts..Fisher's Butter Toffee can.

I do prefer to microwave a bag of popcorn and melt extra butter for it. I also don't like Doritos or flavored potato chips and pretzels.

Things I miss from years past:

TV Time Popcorn
Mister Salty Pretzels
Planter's Cheese Curls
the ORIGINAL puffy Cheez Doodles (they changed the recipe many years ago)

Anyone wanna express their opinions or add some other food types I may have missed?

If Gary answers, that'd be fascinating, because I'm sure his choices aren't even available stateside!