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Justin Bieber Overload

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

8/6/10 at
6:17:34 AM

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I know these pop teen idol things are cyclical, and there's always gonna be a new flavor of the month if you can get through the current one.

I've never heard a note of Justin Bieber's music, heard him speak, or seen any of his media appearances. But since I read newspapers (yes, I'M the one!) voraciously and news items on say nothing of the fact I'm a pop culture sponge...I'm a little tired of him.

Now I read he'll be putting out a biography AND playing himself in a movie about his life. What is he, 16? I understand the desire to make as much money as possible before the tweenie-boppers move on. But enough already.


Re: Justin Bieber Overload by maelstrom-xiii maelstrom-xiii Profile at 8/12/10 11:55:10 AM

You mean you're not interested to see how Bieber rose to fame from his humble middle-class suburban roots? All the hardships of having to do math homework?

I jest. I honestly don't know how they can fill 90 minutes of film on his short existence. It has all the makings of become something farcical..."ACT 1: The Birth of a Legend," "ACT 2: Puberty," "ACT 3: Girls, Girls, Girls. And Usher."

Really? This is what Hollywood has come to?

Re: Justin Bieber Overload by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 8/13/10 9:12:10 AM

Well, I just read that he donated proceeds from a concert..about $33, Tennessee Floofd Relief. That was a generous gesture, so now the movie can be three minutes longer.