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Your Favourite Movies: The Number 2 Thread


7/17/10 at
4:34:51 PM

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Well we're bringing this to a close perhaps quicker than first hoped but no use in stalling..

My No.2 film is one that left a major mark on me as a 16yr old and one - that according to UK law anyway - I should not have been allowed to see at that time in the first place (It was an "X" Cert) but that just added to the excitement..

Saturday Night Fever

Why did I / do I like this film?

It had something about it that shouted out "Brilliant!"

I'm not really sure what though...

Not for the disco - although I liked the music on show

Not for the acting - It was dodgy at times and good at times

It was a film of its time...whatever I mean by that.

I'm not sure what I mean by all that but..what the heck?

Saturday Night Fever

My number 2

Re: Your Favourite Movies: The Number 2 Thread by maelstrom-xiii maelstrom-xiii Profile at 7/17/10 10:20:33 PM

I honestly can't say I've ever seen that movie...maybe I'll have to check it out...

Coming up at #2 on my top 5, Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street.

My favorite horror movie...the 1984 version, not the remake (which I haven't seen, actually)...The effects may not be the greatest...the acting from some cast members is forgettable...but Robert Englund personified a nightmare as Freddy Kreuger, and there were some gory, imaginative deaths going on...great concept, and a great antagonist.

Re: Your Favourite Movies: The Number 2 Thread by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 7/18/10 2:55:01 PM

Come back with me to 1981. I was a junior in high school, 17 years old. I wasn't popular or cool. I had friends, but wasn't part of the "in"crowd.

One Friday night (following a trip to Great Adventure, actually)
a few friends and I went a theater in the next city to see something we'd read and heard about, but never seen..a midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I won't rehash the plot or the audience interaction with the film..y'all are movie know about it. Enjoyed it quite a bit, although I was a "virgin." Couldn't really participate, not knowing the shout-outs and audience actions.

Later that summer, my Mom rented a house in the Jersey shore town of Belmar, and I became hooked on RHPS. I went twice every weekend the rest of that summer, and was treated to a full performance, including a motorcycle zipping through the Belmar cinema. After the summer, and for the next 2-3 years, I saw it about once a month. I even ended up substituting for a sick cast member several times, playing the part of the narrator.

Rocky Horror was the first time I ever really felt like part of a community. I'm not gay, but I know there's a perception that Rocky Horror fans must be. We just had a good time. The movie itself is awful, except for Tim Curry's performance as Dr. Frank N. Furter. The songs are mostly good, the special effects are awful, and Susan Sarandon spends most of the movie in white bra and panties. What's not to like?

The Rocky Horror Picture #2..for the experience, not the quality of the film.