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with the angels.


6/25/09 at
5:03:47 PM

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Anyone old enough to remember the original 1970s Charlie's Angels TV series may look back at it as a piece of kitsch fitting for the times.

I used to watch it but ask me about any of the storylines and I'd have to draw a blank.

For this 14yr old at the time it was just pure eye candy.

Love it or hate it though, it was, at its peak the world's most popular TV programme.

Aged 62 years, Farrah Fawcett died today.

...It's just all very sad.

Re: with the angels. by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 7/13/09 10:08:43 PM

I was big fan of Charlie's Girls. I always thought Cheryl Ladd was the stuff, though. I used to have HER poster on my wall, not Farrah's. Tanya Roberts, the last new Angel, also starred in the movie that inspired my screen name..BEASTMASTER.

Farrah's passing marked the end of an era, but it's unfortunate that it happened the same day as that of another pop culture icon. Farrah may have been the most newsworthy Angel, but she was buried in the papers upon her death.

I haven't looked at this Off-Topic Forum page in a LOOOONG time.