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the prisoner


1/21/09 at
5:44:54 AM

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With the sad death announced last week of the great actor Patrick McGoohan, I wonder if there is anyone on these boards who, like me, was fascinated by his tv series the prisoner?

Originally shown in the late sixties this is one series that I have watched countless times.

For those of you who haven't got a clue what I am talking about
you just mustn't be of a certain age. :-)

prisoner fact: Patrick McGoohan refused to visit an amusement park for the shooting of the (bizarre) episode "the girl who was death" hence his double was chased on and off the rides at Battersea and Kursaal Amusement Parks by a psychotic kinky English lady (played by Justine Lord) who was dressed in all white and at one point in the episode is seen smoking a cigarette through the biggest cigarette holder in the world..

Oh, it happens all the time over here in England.. :-)


PS if you do stick with the YouTube piece there are some great shots of some great attractions...Talk about not sitting down on a rollercoaster! dO nOT sTAND uP indeed..

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the prisoner