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Does anybody else find this REALLY annoying?

mapew9319 mapew9319 Profile

10/25/08 at
8:26:41 PM

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You know, when the stock market drops as usual, they play the video on the news with the bell ringing and everything...but the disturbing part, they're all clapping! What???? The market just dropped over 1000 points and you cheated millions of americans out of there money! Why don't you clap for the next 10 minutes! With a HUGE GRIN on our face.

I just don't get it, lol.

Re: Does anybody else find this REALLY annoying? by imagineer imagineer Profile at 10/26/08 2:07:08 PM

I never understood that either! Whats worse is that every time the stock market falls the news has to put the picture of some extremely stressed stock broker on the floor of the NYSE on the air. They aren't the only ones who are stressed out right now, and yes, we understand that the economy isn't doing well without you having to show the same picture every day.