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Rollercoaster_freak220 Rollercoaster_freak220 Profile

8/2/08 at
6:54:51 PM

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Hey all, I wanted to post this on the regular board, but I didn't think it would've been on topic enough, so I'll post it on this graveyard we call the off topic forum.

So anyways, I wanted to share with you my Youtube channel since all of my vids have to do with coasters one way or another, I figured you'd like it. Mostly my NoLimits coasters, but there are slideshows too (I'm too lazy to make video videos at parks). So here it is:

If y'all want to share yours too if you have one, that'd be awesome. Oh, and if you are a youtube user, feel free to comment my vids/channel! I'd like to hear the opinions of true coaster junkies as opposed to the "oh mah gawd, I'd like so totally ride that" type peeps (not that anyone has done that yet).



Re: Youtube by mapew9319 mapew9319 Profile at 8/16/08 2:18:22 PM

I watched most of your videos, pretty cool. I've tried no limits, I'm awful at it.

Re: Youtube by mapew9319 mapew9319 Profile at 12/8/08 3:01:10 PM

Made a little preview :)

My Channel