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It Just Came On AGAIN!!!

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

2/20/08 at
8:51:03 PM

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While I realize different geographical areas have different commercials on television, I've decided that the most irritating one currently on air...and it may be a nationally aired the Hillshire Farms "GO MEAT!" campaign. Not only is it annoyingly abrasive, it's's aired 4 times on GSN in the last 45 minutes!

What commercials bug you the most?


Re: It Just Came On AGAIN!!! by mapew9319 mapew9319 Profile at 2/21/08 8:53:32 PM

I really can't stand those cell phone commercials with everybody talking in letters. They are so obnoxious. "idk my bff rose" and to top it all off, they are on almost every commercial break, and sometimes they play them twice in a row.