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Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

2/2/08 at
8:41:20 PM

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I'm bored, and waiting for the game tomorrow. So I was thinking. Last night I went to a concert at the theater where I work..Rock "Legends" of the 60's and 70's. Hyperbole is not my thing..."Legends" is an overused and overabused term. People on last night's bill included Joey Molland(Badfinger); Terry Sylvester(Hollies); Country Joe McDonald, Melanie, Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals and Flo and Eddie from the Turtles. So I got to thinking about "legends" in the music industry, and that made me think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...and since I was bored with Melanie, I was trying in my brain to catalog performers I've seen who have been inducted. I went to their site today and was surprised how many I have seen, since I didn't start attending concerts until 1980, and don't see many anymore, except in my place of employment. I know a lot of us on here like our rock and roll, I was curious about performers that others have seen.

I don't want this to turn into a thread of "who deserves to be in, and who shouldn't even be allowed in the CITY of Cleveland." This is about your personal experience.

My roster:


Sex Pistols
The Ramones
The Clash
The Police
Booker T. and the MG's

Individuals and former members of groups seen performing solo or with different line-ups of the original group:

John Mellencamp
Ronnie Spector(Ronettes)
Ozzy Osbourne
Jackson Browne
John Sebastian(Lovin' Spoonful)
Bruce Springsteen
Felix Cavaliere/Eddie Brigati(Rascals)
Lou Reed
Robert Plant
John Fogerty
Pete Townshend/Roger Daltrey(Billed AS the Who, but right after Entwhistle died, so that wasn't THE WHO I saw!..great show, anyway...)
Otis Williams(Temptations)
Charlie Thomas(Drifters)
Bo Diddley
Chuck Berry

Mike, who has visited the Hall thrice(I might only be twice,) and will probably do so again if I head to CP in '09 or '10

Re: Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame by Ethan Ethan Profile at 2/2/08 11:25:06 PM

All I know is taht if you see Eric Clapton, you've seen three inductees at once. Individual, Cream, and Byrds.

Re: Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 2/3/08 1:33:49 PM

> All I know is taht if you see Eric Clapton, you've seen
> three inductees at once. Individual, Cream, and Byrds.

Ya shoulda got help on this one, Ethan!..from your Mom or Dad, maybe?..but you were very close. Clapton was never in the Byrds, but WAS a member of the YARDbirds, and was inducted with them as well as solo and as a member of Cream. He was also in a group called Blind Faith, but they're not in the Hall. Clapton is playing the Garden soon with Steve Winwood, a Hall inductee for his work with Traffic. You might be familiar with the Blues Brothers movie. There's a scene where they perform in a country/western bar and get their plug pulled while playing a song called Gimme Some Lovin'. That tune was originally done by the Spencer Davis Group..with vocals by Steve Winwood, who I believe was about a year older than you when he recorded the song.

Ready for the game? I of course WANT the Giants to win, and am predicting they will..although I don't wanna jinx anything, I've got a couple of nice numbers on my pool grid box.


Re: Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame by Ethan Ethan Profile at 2/3/08 6:02:02 PM

I knew it was "birds" somehow. The "yard" slipped from memory. I had a feeling I was missing something.