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Any SONIC Fans Out There?

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

1/13/08 at
3:18:29 PM

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I just found out yesterday from an "informed source" that SONIC, the ubiquitously advertised drive-up fast food restaurant, has at long last made its New Jersey debut. It's not really NEAR me, but it's in an area I get to a few times a I do expect to visit it.

I've only been to SONIC North Carolina on my way down to Florida in '04. I remember a pretty good burger.

Anyone care to mention their likes and dislikes from the menu? I trust people's opinions on this forum, and would like to know what's good when I hit the place.


Re: Any SONIC Fans Out There? by Ethan Ethan Profile at 1/13/08 3:22:38 PM

I like SONIC, but there aren't any near where I am in Ohio. Kinda blows.


Re: Any SONIC Fans Out There? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 2/11/08 3:16:58 AM

You know Mike there is only one Sonic in Southern California. Real estate is too expensive for this franchise, but once you leave there area there are plenty.

I've eaten at a Sonic in Utah, Nevada, Bakersfield and Dallas.

Good stuff.